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Ian (Indooroopilly, QLD – Brisbane) – Microsoft Excel & Word Training (Services Australia)

Since starting his job in 2014, Ian hadn’t used his Microsoft Office skills in a long time.  He knew that these are important skills to have in the workplace, so he enrolled in the Microsoft Office Word and Excel Training Courses to use a resource and refresher for his work.

Although Ian has a background in economics and previously worked for the ATO, he found that once he was made permanent at his new job for Services Australia, it was his Microsoft Office Skills that needed an upgrade.

Ian works in Medicare in Indooroopilly QLD, answering telephone inquiries from providers about their claims, patient eligibility, processes bulk bill claims, and simplified billing claims.

Since Ian has a Career Courses Membership, he has lifetime access to every course he’s enrolled in, so he can return to his modules and training resources whenever he needs a refresher.

Ian finds that keyboard skills, word processing skills (saving and formatting documents, using spreadsheets, composing charts and tables, and entering data and information are some of the most useful skills he learnt in his course, and he uses them all the time in his role.

Not only does he feel more confident in his Microsoft Office skills, but Ian says his computer literacy and ability to navigate online training has improved significantly since enrolling in his courses.


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