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Office Administration, Accounting & Payroll Jobs Require Many Different Skills

After Completing a Course, What Job Outcomes Can You Expect?

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IF YOU’RE LOOKING for full-time, part-time or casual work in the accounts department of most businesses you’ll need to be proficient in software like MYOB, XERO and Excel.

These job roles tend to fall into the categories of:

  • Office productivity
  • Communications and scheduling
  • Using accounting software

Each job category serves a different function within a business, yet all are equally valuable.

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Our training courses have helped thousands of people upskill and gain better paid employment.

Even in junior positions, jobs in office administration and clerical, bookkeeping and/or accounts involve much more than just data entry.

You need to be confident communicating (usually written and oral) with different types of customers and stake holders, completing tasks to deadlines, working with procedures, and of course, working with numbers.

Why Choose EzyLearn?

OUR ONLINE TRAINING courses are structured with the aim to get you a job, not just teach you software in a vacuum. You can enrol in in our Special Offers “combination packages” to save time and lots of money to learn the skills you need to get work in these areas. Our courses also include case studies and real world examples to make the courses more enjoyable — but also relevant to the business world.


Our online training courses are structured with employment outcomes in mind.


Data Entry & Office Support Jobs

Data entry and Office Support jobs are found in most businesses with 3 staff or higher because the work involves helping to co-ordinate and support the work performed by different staff members as well as the administration, filing, customer service and reporting for the business owner.

Learn more about Data Entry and Office Support jobs


Accounts receivable / payable officer

Accounts receivable and payable officers perform two very different, yet important, functions in a business; rarely, are the two roles performed by the same person.

Accounts receivable officers manage the payments coming into a business — invoices, sales receipts, customer payments; while the accounts payable officer is responsible for all outgoing payments — payments to suppliers and vendors and all other outgoing expenses.

Learn about Accounts receivable / payable officer Jobs


Office administrator job description

An office administrator (sometimes called an office manager) ensures that all the administrative activities within an organisation are running efficiently, sometimes by overseeing and supervising other employees within the business.

The office administrator may oversee and be responsible for the management of human resources, budgets and business or financial records. These responsibilities will differ depending on the employer and education level of the office administrator.

Learn more about Office Admin Jobs


Accounts administrator job description

An accounts administrator is responsible for a company’s entire accounting work, including bookkeeping, invoicing, and payroll. In some organisations, the accounts administrator fills a managerial role, overseeing the business’ bookkeepers and other accounting staff.

Learn more about Accounts Administrator Jobs


Office Administration, Accounting and Bookkeeping Job Outcomes

We look at what kind of courses you need to do to get the following kinds of jobs in the accounting and finance industry. Jobs associated with proficiency in MYOB tend to be earning upward of $60,000 per year in Australia. 

MYOB logo learn MYOB online training course MYOB Accounting Beginners’ Certificate Training Course Click to view


MYOB Accounting Advanced Certificate Training Course Click to view

  • MYOB Qualified Office Administrator
  • MYOB Qualified Office Manager
  • MYOB Qualified Accounts Manager
  • MYOB Bookkeeper

MYOB Accounting Advanced Certificate (includes Payroll Administration) Training Course Click to view

Read more about becoming a Payroll Officer or getting a job in Payroll


Xero Accounting Course Jobs

xero online accounting software logoXero Beginners’ Certificate Training Course


Xero Advanced Certificate Training Course

  • Xero Qualified Administrator/Manager
  • Xero Qualified Accounts Manager
  • Xero Qualified Accounts Officer
  • Xero Bookkeeper


Xero Advanced Certificate (includes Payroll Administration) Training Course


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QuickBooks Accounting Training Course Jobs

quickbooks online accounting software logoQuickBooks Accounting Beginners’ Certificate Training Course


QuickBooks Accounting Advanced Certificate Training Course

  • QuickBooks Qualified Administrator/Manager
  • QuickBooks Qualified Accounts Manager
  • QuickBooks Qualified Accounts Officer
  • QuickBooks Bookkeeper


QuickBooks Accounting Advanced Certificate (includes Payroll Administration) Training Course


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Social Media and Digital Marketing Training Courses Click to view

Our Social Media and Digital Marketing training course is among the most comprehensive online course in this subject you will find; including but not limited to:


For more information about how EzyLearn continues to help freelancers, parents and other savvy people work from home and telework, see Paid Work at Your Own Home or read about how we can help you become a certified bookkeeper

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Weekly Study Plan focussed on office and accounting skills to acheive Job Outcomes for accounting & Office admin jobsOnline Study Tools to Achieve Results

Online Short Courses give you a large range of education which can be applied in the real world that you can learn by yourself (or with a buddy) from the office, home or even at a cafe. This flexibility enables you to start right now and learn at your own pace and not at the pace of the slowest person in a classroom.

To help you set, manage and achieve your job and career goals we include several resources including a Study Planner Template.


Workface Career Academy Training Courses in Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, Bookkeeping LOGOCareer Success Program

The topics in our Career Academy Success Program are designed to help you understand how your values matter, how your experience outside of the workforce can be applied to your profession, and the secrets behind what employers are really looking for.

We teach you how to discover your passion and then set about planning for and achieving success in your chosen career path or profession. Learn more about the Career Academy Success Program



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