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Feedburner email broadcast marketing course - anti spam compliantFeedBurner has been around for a very long time but is has now been shuttered by Alphabet (Google’s parent company). The company was purchased by Google many years ago and hasn’t spent much time and effort developing it but it provided most of the functionality that most businesses want and need in an email marketing system, including:

  • Double opt-in – requires subscribers to confirm their email address
  • Sends an email each day your publish a new blog post (based on information from WordPress and RSS newsfeeds)
  • Fully anti-SPAM compliant in that every message enables subscribers to opt-out at their discretion
  • Readership and click analytics
  • FREE

Our the introduction to email marketing demonstrates the above information but look for our MailChimp Email Marketing Training Course for more detailed information. These days there are dozens of alternatives, including:

  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber
  • Campaign Monitor
  • SendGrid

These professional email marketing systems all provide some fancy advanced features like Drip Marketing (feeding new messages to subscribers in a pre-determined and pre-designed time frame – often also called Automation), Campaigns, template design, split-testing and even the capability to re-brand (Campaign Monitor is an Aussie company which enables thousands of media agencies around the world provide their services and earn a retail margin for doing it).

Learning how to set this up and embed a subscription form into your website is included in our WordPress Courses.


Website Landing Pages, Call to Action and Lead Capture

EzyLearn-Google-Adwords-Course-G001-20171118-3-where-are-your-customers-located - croppedThis course will teach you how to use WordPress to manage and organise website landing pages and how to structure your website pages to turn your website into a lead generating digital asset.

You’ll learn how to define your target audience, including geographic location to ensure you get the best value from your advertising dollar.

You’ll learn how to manage visitor flow, cornerstone content and Google Ads Express to test and measure the effectiveness of your website. Ideal for new websites or where you’re introducing a new product service or special and want to test to see if customers like or want it.

Learn more about Website Landing Pages and Google Ads Express

Google Training Courses

Google Analytics Training Course and Visitor Statistics

Google is one of the most popular tools for small businesses marketing all around the world. It started as one of the easiest search engines to use because the search page was uncluttered and now they provide a raft of other services that are aimed at helping business get found.

Google has become popular is because it helps people find “relevant” information based on selected keywords and keyphrases. As a business owner your goal, if you want to appear at the top of Google search results, should be to pick your target customer and understand what they are looking for, then simply provide that information.

VoIP Phone System Google Analytics - smallIn our Google courses we’ll take you through a number of Google tools to help you achieve the best online marketing results for your business. These tools include:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Google Adwords
  3. Google Feedburner, and more

Our Google Courses are regularly updated and this content is available to you during your course access period.

Read more about Google Website Analytics..


Google Analytics Course


google-g-suite-animation-logo-for-remote-contractor-virtual-assistants-small-business-and-bookkeepersG Suite – Google Apps for Work

This suite of programs is underpinned by Gmail and Google Calendar, tools that enable any business owner to run their business life from their mobile phone. This suite of programs also includes Google Docs, Sheets and Presentations, plus Groups, Tasks and much more.

We’ve created a guide to help your technical people under the confusing world of DNS settings for your business domain name. Things like:

  • Verifying ownership of your domain
  • Setting up users at your business
  • Using FTP to upload verification files
  • Changing MX and CNAME records
  • Changing settings in a DNS system like CloudFlare
  • Exploring CRM, Project management and Business Phone system apps for the Google Market Place
  • Creating custom URL’s like


g-suite-the-enterprise-cloud-based-email-calendar-tasks-productivity-system-that-competes-with-microsoft-officeGmail for Business

  • Exploring the inbox
  • Exploring Contacts and Tasks
  • Selecting email message and archiving, labeling, starring and much more
  • Sharing Calendars
  • Working with Virtual Assistants and shared calendars
  • Creating Google Groups
  • Exploring distribution lists

This course is available as a Training Workbook and included in the Digital & Social Media Marketing Course.



Google Ads Training Course (Level 2)

In the Google Ads Training Course (Level 2) you’ll discover and explore the flexibility and choices that comes with Google Ads in Expert Mode.

Google-Ads-Training-Course (Level 2) including Certificate - the Career Academy for Digital Marketing - 123 Group Pty LtdYou’ll learn about

  • Keywords,
  • Bidding and Budgets,
  • Google Ads Campaigns,
  • Ad Sets and Google Ads
  • Call outs and other additional ad options

You’ll learn how to use Google Ads using our practical real-world case studies, including:

  1. a CPA who wants to promote his bookkeeping services
  2. How the Career Academy attracts prospects using Google Ads
  3. An electrician who also provides air conditioning and refrigeration services


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