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Microsoft Outlook

Manage your emails, calendars, contacts and tasks using Outlook

EzyLearn Microsoft Office Beginners Essentials logo croppedMicrosoft Outlook is the popular communications software that compliments the other Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and enables a team of office workers to be connected and work together and communicate with customer, prospects and suppliers.

Part of Microsoft Office Beginners Essentials Courses the Microsoft Outlook course is also included at no extra cost to all EzyLearn students as a Free Student Inclusion.

Microsoft Outlook training course for email managementEmail Management

Many people are familiar with email addresses at the large software companies like gmail (from Google), Yahoo (from Yahoo) and Live or Hotmail (from Microsoft). These email addresses are great for personal use because you can set them up very easily and access them from everywhere but businesses want staff to have an email address at their own domain (like allison @ etc).

Owning the email domain means that companies can control who gets an email address and how that email address is configured.

Calendar and Meetings

Microsoft Outlook training course for calendar and meeting managementTime management is an essential tool for companies and Microsoft Outlook Calendars enable you to schedule meetings, invite participants and write down the topics to be discussed at that meeting. You can also set reminders and other alerts to ensure meeting participants are kept up-to-date about the meeting.

Calendars are also a great way for office admin staff to schedule meetings for sales staff and management when they are out and about and it ensures that staff aren’t double booked and only invited to meetings when they have available time.

Contacts and CRM

Microsoft Outlook training course for contact management and CRMAlthough there are now dozens of well know Customer Relationship Management tools to help businesses keep track of the contact details of important customer, suppliers and team members, Microsoft Outlook was and in some cases is the main central database of company contacts. This ensures that all key staff are aware of the contact details for customers.

Microosft Outlook is available as a smart phone app on iOS and Android so managers and sales people can add contacts while they are out of the office and all team members will be able to see those details and work on them at the same time.


Microsoft Outlook training course for tasksAnother important aspect of time management and being productive is to clearly define the work tasks that you need to complete and Tasks in Microsoft Outlook is one way to schedule tasks to block out space as well as plan your week/day to achieve the important things.


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