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Digital Business Course

Get Your Traditional Business into the Digital Age

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WE SUCCESSFULLY TRANSFORMED our face-to-face training business into an online training business. It took a bit more change and effort than you might think!

We had to drastically change our offer to students because our biggest expenses changed. Where once our biggest costs were rent and trainers, our biggest costs became the creation of new content and employing support staff and systems to ensure that all students received the very best service and were more than satisfied.

We also had to change our business processes — as a result we now use many more “cloud-based” software programs.


Our Commitment to Working from Home and Teleworking

Now, most of our team are home-based workers who are living the dream that many mum’s (and dad’s) want to live. We employ independent and remote contractors (known in Australia as Virtual Assistants) from Australia and around the world.

All of this has put us in good stead to share that knowledge and other “secrets” about online businesses that we’ve learnt along the way.

Our Digital Business Course is aimed at helping traditional businesses learn how to use the various online and cloud-based software tools as well as social media to:

  • Run their business more efficiently
  • Provide better customer service
  • Use home-based “Remote Workers” to assist in their business
  • Get more customers
  • Make more money!

Digital Business Course – Online Business Foundations

There are a few main technical points that you need to understand when you embark on creating a website for your business no matter how large or small you are. Without this knowledge you can easily be bamboozled by technical mumbo jumbo and potential ripped off by paying too much for the work to be done.

As a job seeker or employee this knowledge will increase your confidence in apply for jobs that require an online or remote working component.

Topics in this course include

Domain Names, subdomains & subfolders

Domain name registration for small business websites - start an online business and work from home - EzyLearn Pty LtdDomain names are the first step in getting online and buying a domain name is cheap. To be effective you need to understand a little about DNS, nameservers, subdomains, SSL Certificates, subdomains and folders.

A domain name is like having a phone number but no telephone handset. Domain names point to a server where software is loaded to provide lots of services and a website is just one of those services.

Email address at your own domain

Email addresses like look far more impressive than but more importantly they are “authentic” and verifiable and that builds trust with customers. Learn about different forms of email and about how it can be hosted on your own server or using Microsoft Online or Google G Suite (Workspace).

Website pages

What to put on your website landing pages to make prospects do something - Ezylearn courses for virtual assistantsThere are some key things that every website should have and you’ll learn what they are and why they are important.

You’ll also learn how and when to use selected landing pages at your website and ways to use your social media profiles.

Building your brand

It’s much more likely that an existing customer will come back and buy from you because they know you, like you and trust you.

Learn some of the ways that businesses can digitise these parts of the sales and marketing process.

Keywords and Phrases

You need to use the right keywords and phrases if you want to be success in digital marketing.

Use keywords to get discovered by Google for free organic website traffic - Digital Marketing for Virtual Assistants - EzylearnHaving the right words and making the right offers to prospective customers will increase the value of your website as well as lower the cost of any advertising you do with Google Ads.

This course shows you how to find out what website traffic Google is sending to your website for free.

How to get free website traffic

There are simple things you can do to get visitors to your website and you’ll learn how to do it.

You can even completely replace your paid advertising if you do the right tasks with your website.

Learn some important things about updating your website pages and answering common questions that your customers have.

Get Customers to do something

How to engage with customers using Digital Marketing Strategies for small businesses - EzyLearnIf you don’t give your website visitors something to do while they’re at your website you’re giving them lots of reasons to completely forget about your business.

Learn some simple tasks that can be done to make your website more engaging.

Attract customers and don’t push them away

Many small businesses push their potential customers away from their own website for the sake of filling it with interesting content.

Find out smart ways to make your website more valuable to Google’s search engine.

Set yourself some goals

Setting goals for your website is easier than you think and by starting out with some goals you’ll be far better equipped to test and measure your website performance.

Having website goals helps you find out what works and doesn’t work with your website, your website content, your digital marketing and paid advertising.

Socialise your business

Older generations may not like to use social media but it’s an important element in digital marketing and there are things you can do to automate much of the tasks.

Even things like encouraging people to like or share your pages helps them “bookmark” your pages so they can come back to it later or tell their friends about it.

Digital Marketing Business Case Studies

You’ll learn some of the digital marketing tools and strategies that we use as well as marketing strategies from a successful real estate agent, come mortgage broker, electrician, Asbestos removal company and a handful of other online businesses.

The end result is that you will have a wide number of potential strategies and tools to help you achieve them for your own website.


FREE Student Inclusion

EzyLearn FREE Student Inclusions beginners Excel, Word, MYOB, Xero, WordPress Online Courses

If you are interested in working remotely from home or want to start a small business as a contractor you’ll be happy to learn that this course is included as a FREE student inclusion for selected office admin and accounting training course packages!

This course is a FREE Student Inclusion for Level 2 training course packages




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