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Free Microsoft Excel Beginners Course Training Workbook

Microsoft Excel Beginners Course 301 Workbook Screen ShotFree Excel Beginners Workbook and Exercise Files

If you like what you see included in our Microsoft Excel Beginners’ Training Courses, you’ll love to learn about our free Excel Beginners’ Workbook offer.

The Excel Beginners’ Workbook takes you through these concepts in a step-by-step approach so you get to build your Excel skills and confidence in each step.

Best of all you’ll also receive a copy of the 5 different Microsoft Excel exercise files that we have created for the Excel Beginners’ Course 301 to help you understand the power of spreadsheets.

These FREE Microsoft Excel Training Course resources are available at our new Online Training Course Catalogue website.


GET the FREE Microsoft Excel Training Workbook, Video Tutorials and Practice Exercise Files NOW