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Microsoft Excel Beginners’ Training Courses

Microsoft Excel 2013 Spreadsheet training courses beginners intermediate advancedMicrosoft Excel Beginners’ Training Courses


EzyLearn online Microsoft Excel courses include everything. It’s one price for all 9 courses (and all new Excel course content we create)!

We are an online-only Microsoft Excel course provider (read our story here) so YOU get more course content, at a cheaper cost, delivered in a format which makes it easier to learn — and easier to fit into your busy life. We’re all busy humans, and online learning allows for total flexibility of pace, absorption level and the ability to review course material as you need to.




EzyLearn Online Training Course Free Samples for Microsoft Excel, Word, Xero, MYOB and moreFREE Excel Beginners’ Sample!

A great way to see if EzyLearn is the best choice for the best value for money Microsoft Excel Courses is to get a sample of the training materials — that’s why you get the whole Excel Beginners’ workbooks, exercise files and videos — for FREE!

Free Microsoft Excel Beginners Training Course Workbook



Microsoft Excel Course Exercise FilesExercise Files

Template, sample and pre-populated excel files are used all through the entire 9 courses so you can download and work on the actual files included in each and every course. The videos show you how to work with the files and the workbooks take you through step-by-step instructions.

Learn about the Excel training course exercise files.


Microsoft Excel Beginners Course 301 Workbook Screen ShotMicrosoft Excel (Course 301) – Open & Understand Spreadsheets

  • The Excel screen including toolbars, formula bar, name box
  • Column and row headings
  • Workbooks and Sheet tabs
  • Uses for Excel (Worksheet, Database & Charting)
  • Getting around a spreadsheet using keyboard & mouse
  • moving between workbooks
  • Selecting (or highlighting) cells, columns and rows & entire spreadsheets
  • Entering information into workbooks
  • Resizing columns.


EzyLearn FREE Student Inclusions beginners Excel, Word, MYOB, Xero, WordPress Online CoursesThis course is available for free to all EzyLearn students through our Learning Management System.

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Free Microsoft Excel Beginners Training Video, Exercise and Workbook

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Microsoft Excel Beginners Course 302 Workbook Screen ShotMicrosoft Excel (Course 302) – Creating and Editing Spreadsheets

  • Selecting information: Understanding the mouse cursors used within Excel, how to select cells, columns and rows and multiple ranges of information, how to select cells using the keyboard.
  • Copy and Paste: Drag and drop, cut, copy and paste in a worksheet and from one worksheet to another and even between different software programs.
  • Editing cells: Typing and entering information, editing existing information and entering the changes, using the status bar information, escaping out of cells.
  • Changing column width and row height for single and multiple columns as well as making all the columns the same width and using AutoFit.
  • Database: Creating a simple database, understanding simple database structure (ideal knowledge for mail merge with Microsoft Word), inserting and deleting columns, using Undo and Redo options.
  • Autofill: Automatically fill numbers, dates, number patterns, days, months and years and much more. The fast way to insert sequential numbers and words.
  • Understanding date formatting (this forms the basis for future calculations based on date format).

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And remember: All EzyLearn online training courses come with the assurance of a 30-day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

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  • All skill levels included (beginners to advanced)
  • Training video, workbooks, exercises and tests
  • Go over the course material as often as you need

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Lifetime Access or 12-month’s Access

We’re constantly adding content to our online courses and as a current EzyLearn student, you are entitled to all updates to the course you enrolled in — absolutely free.

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Microsoft Excel Beginners Course 303 Workbook Screen ShotMicrosoft Excel (course 303) – Formulas, functions and formatting

  • Formulas: Entering formulas using the keyboard, arrow keys and the mouse,
  • Understand the importance of relative cells references, common formula errors, using multiplication and division and how to combine two formulas in one.
  • AutoCalculate: Get quick additions and basic functions quickly without having to enter formulas.
  • Functions: Introductions to functions and function syntax, Autosum, Autosum for several and selected ranges
  • Introductions to other basic functions like Maximum, Minimum, Average and more…
  • Functions: Sum function in more detail, using the formula bar and editing functions, using the F2 key, using Autofill to save a lot of time copying (or filling) functions using relative cell references.
  • Formatting: This effects the way your spreadsheet looks, everything from lines, colours, shading, and even the format of text and numbers.
  • Currency formatting, date and text formatting,
  • Merging cells and centering,
  • Alignment formatting and text control within single and merged cells,
  • Fill colour, font colour and Borders.
  • Advanced formatting: Autoformats that allow you to quickly make your spreadsheet look very professional,
  • Repeat last action, and format painter make it faster for you to duplicate commands and formatting,
  • Using format painter with entire spreadsheets to apply multiple formatting in just a couple clicks.

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EzyLearn LIFETIME Student Course Access for MYOB, Excel WordPress & Social Media Marketing CoursesLIFETIME Excel Training Course Access

If you’re a beginner to Microsoft Excel you may only use basic features in your current role and more advanced features in the coming years. If you want to have a learning resource for your entire working life enrol into the Excel Course with LIFETIME course access and received access to updated content as it is created, dozens of exercise files and knowledge review tests to make sure you understand all of the features available.

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