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man using laptop for online training courses that enable you to work from home

IN 1996 we opened our first training centre in Sydney’s beach side suburb of Dee Why. Back then, many mothers came to our training centre to learn skills so they could find part-time work that enabled them to work during school hours and be available for their children.

Over two decades later and little has changed; well, perhaps for the amount of traffic and internet use. The internet and cloud-based software & services now enables parents to work from a home so they can still be available for their children. In fact our Digital Business Course provides skills to do just that.

Our Digital Business Course reveals the tools you need to know about to work remotely from home.

Our most popular online training courses are MYOB Accounting, Microsoft Excel and Xero Accounting training courses. These software programs and most office applications can be used from anywhere in the world.

To compete with Dropbox the large software companies have created their own versions including SkyDrive (Microsoft), Drive (Google Apps), iCloud (Apple).

What kind of work can you do at home?

Teleworking and the NBN imageThe Internet has enabled people from all over the world to work from their home performing many different tasks. These tasks include telemarketing, customer service and sales support to admin tasks and working with Microsoft Office files.

See what other kind of job outcomes you can expect once completing our training courses.

It also includes bookkeeping, website design, graphic designer and much more.

This is exciting because many people want to work from home but scary because it means that you could potentially be competing against international virtual assistants who are willing to work for much lower rates of pay.

Learn how to work at home

EzyLearn was a Telework Partner (when the Australian Federal Government launched the initiative) and our team consists of parents, young professionals and even retired accountants around Australia and the world who

  • help us create our training content,
  • provide our friendly support services, and
  • help us with content marketing and digital marketing

Our CEO has had experience with all the major remote working services including,

  • Freelancer,
  • oDesk and Elance (now combined and called UpWork)
  • AirTasker,

as well as working with virtual assistants across Australia and here he talks about his Work at home Seminar.

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If you want to enrol into a course and want skills and experience in software that helps you work remotely from home either as an employee or independent contractor make contact. 

Training Courses to help you work remotely from home

Remote working employee or remote contractor

Google G Suite, Docs and Sheets helps people work remotely from home - virtual assistant - EzyLearnIf your employer wants you to work remotely from home they’ll provide you with access to the software and support you need to learn how to use the software. Some smaller companies might not have the resources to train you up and that means you’ll need to learn on the fly or take structured short courses on how to use the software.

Some of the fundamental skills required to perform this type of work is Microsoft Office 365 or the equivalent Google G Suite. If you have the desktop versions of Microsoft Office you can combine the use of this software with a file sharing system like Dropbox.

Learn about our Google G Suite training resources

Dropbox is for file sharing, version control and backup

Dropbox is not just a way to share files with a team but to also have an external backup of each file (that is automatically updated). Whereas some people think the software is just a way to share a file it can also be a way to give a new staff member access to ALL the files and resources they need quickly.

You can manage who can see which files and what file rights they have with each folder or file and in 2015 the company added a new collaboration tool enabling all users of a file to be able to annotate and make comments about that file for the group to see.

Learn more about Dropbox


Become a Virtual Assistant or Remote Contractor

Best way to work remotely at home is based on outcomes and goals, not hours worked - Xero, MS Office, Digital Marketing from home - EzyLearn

If you want to participate in the remote contractor revolution and work as an independent consultant you’re effectively starting your own micro business and that requires remote working skills but also a business mindset and good time management skills.

In Australia working this way is often referred to as being a Virtual Assistant or a Freelancer (because of the success of the business and website with the same name).

The skills to work from home are as much knowledge and skills as it is about good time management and productivity skills.

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Starting a business where you work remotely from home

Learn how to work remotely from home and start your own businessOur EzyStartUp Business Course will be of great benefit to you because it helps you understand your “market” and the opportunities that you may come across but more importantly helps you set up your goals and targets and pricing structure. By going through the steps in the EzyStartup Course you’ll understand competitors pricing and confidently justify your own pricing and charge out rates.

Some people who are new to being a consultant set their income expectations too high and then have to go through a fall from grace while others set them too low and can’t afford to do the work or even employ someone else to do the work when they do get clients. You’ll also understand what resources you need to be able to perform the work you do from home. This can include software, hardware, desks and other technology.

Learn about the Business Startup Course that helps you become a remote worker


Digital Business Course (FREE Student Inclusion)

smiling business man and woman learning MYOB training course and studyIf you are new to working online, and hear so many words that you don’t know the meaning of then this course is for you. The Digital Business Course is a FREE Student inclusion for every students who enrols into a Bookkeeping Academy training course package.

Learn how we digitised our business and learn the important aspects about creating your own website or managing the technicians who help you create a website. You’ll learn about

  • domain names,
  • email addresses at a domain name,
  • important things to put on website landing pages,
  • the difference between a website page and blog post,
  • how to use keywords,
  • the keywords that Google relates to your website
  • how to get free website traffic
  • things that attract website visitors and customers
  • website goals, and
  • why to use social media

See what is included in the Digital Business Course


Content Marketing, Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing

Digital & Social Media Marketing Training Course Google, Facebook, WordPress logoOur Social Media and Digital Marketing Training courses will also teach you how to use social media online services like Facebook, YouTube and low-cost or free tools like GIMP (for image editing), Feedburner (for email broadcasting), FileZilla (for transferring files) and WordPress (open source software for creating websites and blogs).

Even though these software programs may sound complicated our training course programs will help you understand how to leverage the work already happening in the business that you can take advantage of to fill your digital marketing with great, rich and useful content that will attract more customers.

See which topics are covered in the Digital, Social Media & Content Marketing Training Courses


Work Remotely doing bookkeeping work

Cloud accounting training courses to help you work remotely from homeCloud accounting programs like Xero, MYOB Essentials and QuickBooks Online allow you to perform most of the bookkeeping tasks required by a small business from home (or anywhere).

When you help a small business owner use the Quote functionality of these programs you can help them in the Pre Sales and sales tasks of the business as well as the credit management and reconciliations and compliance events like BAS lodgement and Payroll administration.

See all the Cloud Accounting Courses Available


Accounting tutors work from home

Some students get through accounting courses quickly, others not so fast, and some need one to one help from a course tutor. If you have industry experience and have completed one of our accounting courses you can join EzyLearn as an affiliate and we can collaborate to find more people who need training and support using their accounting software.

Accounting tutors


Online training and support affiliate

Start a business from home, ezylearn online training courses in Xero, MYOB, Excel, WordPress Digital MarketingUtilise the power of affiliate marketing that is used by some of the worlds largest companies (like Amazon) to recommend and support other people who need training on the courses we deliver by becoming an EzyLearn Affiliate.

The EzyLearn affiliate membership program enables us to spend less money on advertising and instead share the money with you when you recommend our courses to anyone you know.

There are many other benefits to becoming an EzyLearn Affiliate including ongoing access to every course you’ve enrolled into and education about content marketing and other forms of digital and social media marketing.

Learn about the Online Training Course Affiliate Program


testimonial about social media digital marketing online training course

Learn Remotely from Home

Weekly Study Plan focussed on office and accounting skills to acheive Job Outcomes for accounting & Office admin jobsWe love online learning and have ever since 2006 and we’ve created tools and systems to help you manage your time and stay on track to achieve your learning and career goals. Central to our course delivery is an Australian market leading Learning Management System called Moodle. This enables us to load all the training resources into one central place that is available to you when you login as a student.

A central meeting point for students is the LIFELONG LEARNING HUB which contains information and instructions that allow you to plan your learning and then get going into a good learning rhythm.

Learn more about the LIFELONG LEARNING HUB and online study tools we provide to help you manage your learning from home.


Become a Remote Contractor

Remote Contractors and Virtual Assistants run their own online business doing office admin and business admin services LOGOIf you are ready to take control of your work life and earnings now is an exciting time to do it.

Never before have we experienced all the conditions to run our own business from home using online software programs and apps combined with powerful internet access plans and mobile phones.

Learn more about working from home as a Remote Contractor

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