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What is an Accounting Course Tutor?


Having a Xero and MYOB tutor to help you while you study can help you complete a bookkeeping course quickly and with confidence and help you relate what you’re learning to real job outcomes and business objectives.

GENERALLY SPEAKING, ACCOUNTING course tutors provide private tuition on a one-to-one basis. They provide guidance to a student while they are studying a course and answer any questions about the course that the student may have.

The desired outcome is that the accounting tutor will:

  • bridge the gap between the online accounting course and the students’ needs
  • help the student progress through the course
  • relate the course material to real-life scenarios and situations wherever possible
  • promote and encourage the student’s independent learning and self-reliance.


How does it take place?

MYOB and Xero Tutoring is usually one-to-one and always in real time. Tutors can also assist more than one student at a time, either as a group or individually. Accounting course tutoring can be done via telephone and/or online as per mutual arrangement.

New online collaboration tools enable screen sharing, group chat and other great features that enable a rich learning experience for students while course tutors can be located anywhere and work from their own home.

Both students and tutor set a schedule for work together than is mutually compatible.


Where does it take place?

When done remotely, there is no need for any travel and course tutoring can be done from absolutely anywhere in Australia.

The most common place for tutoring is in the comfort of your own home. It’s best to have few distractions and disturbances.


Experience required

Tutors must have successfully completed the EzyLearn course they are tutoring in and have had paid employment in an area or industry that is affiliated with that course, for at least 12 months.

No other formal qualifications are required.


Tutor availability

Tutors can be flexible in their availability. Some students will prefer business hours, whereas others will only be free evenings and weekends.

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Home and Remote Tutoring

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This is your opportunity to earn some extra income helping others learn and sharing your own experiences in the workforce.


Work with our training materials and support resources to earn an income helping others learn how to use Office Admin, Accounting and Bookkeeping and Digital Marketing software programs. When you become an EzyLearn tutor you’ll receive training on how to manage students and benefit from collaborative online marketing.  


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