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Why So Cheap?

How Do We Keep Our Course Prices So Cheap?

woman at desk learning online training accounting course studyThere are plenty of reasons why “low cost courses” can mean just that: low cost without compromising on quality or value.

WE TRAIN PEOPLE all over Australia. People from overseas also enrol in our courses, from as far afield as the United Kingdom, America, Canada and Fiji.

We are consistently one of the cheapest providers of online training courses with the most experience.


Some of the cheapest online training courses in Australia

But how are our courses so cheap? And does this mean the quality of our training is not as good as higher-priced training courses?

No! Many of our competitors charge higher prices and justify them on the grounds that they have to pay experienced trainers. Then there’s the other overheads they must pay, like administration costs and rental; company and compliance costs; and of course, marketing and advertising, and so it goes on.

Lowest-Course-Price-Guarantee-1 Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks Online Accounting Training Courses

We’re confident of our course quality.

We’re confident that we have the lowest cost of operations being online-only since 2006.

We’re confident that you will learn the skills you’re looking for.

We’re confident you’ll get the job, client or promotion you’re looking for.

If we can’t beat a genuine course price, you can have it for free!

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How course prices stay down

ONLINE BUSINESSES CAN operate with dramatically far lower overheads. It’s not rocket science. And that’s what we do.

We provide you with some of the cheapest, most cost-effective online training courses and study programs in the industry — without compromising on quality — because our overheads are greatly reduced. We no longer have training centres to pay for, numerous trainers and administrative staff, and extensive hardware to maintain.


We pride ourselves on paying minimal advertising costs as we practise effective content marketing, which we can teach you in our suite of digital marketing training courses. #practise what we preach!


We don’t have to pay tutors and trainers by the hour — or university students who are earning their stripes as they study but being charged out to you at far higher rates. We don’t just talk about helping people work from home, and achieving greater work-life balance; we practise this too. All of our employees work from their own homes and keep their own hours.


No content license fees

We create our own course content and have done so for almost 20 years. We don’t pay hefty license fees to be able to on-sell content  created by others.

This enables us to redirect our resources into perfecting our online training platform, embellishing and adding to our content with the input and endorsement of qualified and experienced professionals, as and when we need to. You also have access to responsive and friendly online support, and we’re only a phone call away if you need to call us.

I’VE GAINED A LOT of insight working in the education and training business for two decades.

For example, I’ve learned firsthand how people absorb information; what ingredients a quality online course needs and what people’s stumbling blocks tend to be.

I’ve learned how to keep costs low. 

Why am I blowing my own trumpet? Because it’s important to reinforce that quality doesn’t always have to come at a premium price.”

— STEVE SLISAR, CEO, EzyLearn Pty Ltd.


All skills levels, one low price

WE ARE PROUD to provide ALL skill levels for ONE LOW PRICE in our courses. This is because experience teaches us that it can be hard for people to know what level to start at.

This is for all kinds of reasons — you might be a parent returning to the workforce and simply “don’t know what you don’t know”. Or perhaps you’ve studied the software program in the past, only to find that you remember more than you thought — or significantly less than you thought.

Perhaps you simply want to begin at a basic level and refresh your knowledge, and keep going until you complete the advanced topics. We actually can’t figure out why any company wouldn’t offer all skills levels in one complete package!


current special offers for MYOB, Excel, Xero and Word courses

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EzyLearn SPECIAL OFFERS - Spring into a New Job, Promotion or New Business with Xero, MYOB, Excel, WordPress

YOU CAN ALSO bundle or combine courses for EVEN LOWER prices.

See our Special Offers page for further discounts on our already cheap course prices.

Fill in the ‘Speak with a Course Adviser form’ on this page to save EVEN MORE money on your course enrolment.



Why You’d Choose Us:

We’ll give you a broader range of topics in the one package

man studying cheap training in myob xero excel quickbooks reckon sageBecause we provide all skills levels for one price, our training courses include a much broader range of topics than ever before.

For example, our MYOB training course includes ALL skill levels. This means you will learn everything from setting up a chart of accounts and running daily transactions; through to much more complex tasks, like GST reporting and using payroll in MYOB.


You can have our course contents for life

EzyLearn LIFETIME Student Course Access image for MYOB, Excel WordPress & Social Media Marketing CoursesAs market leaders in the price value war, the price for our courses also gives you the option of LIFETIME student course access.  This entitles you to ALL course updates for the rest of your working life.

Therefore, you can re-skill and review training course materials as often as you want within your course access period. Lifetime student access is a terrific after-course resource.

You get a bunch of FREE inclusions!

EzyLearn FREE Student Inclusions beginners Excel, Word, MYOB, Xero, WordPress Online CoursesNot only are our courses the cheapest around, we also pack in lots of free student inclusions to help you up-skill even further.

EzyLearn LIFELONG Learning Hub Logo Excel, Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks

The LIFELONG Learning Hub is a starting point to many different learning journeys. Here, you will find more FREE courses covering selling, and career success as well as all the regular free student inclusions.

Enrol in any course with EzyLearn (and not just courses with LIFETIME course access) and you become part of our Lifelong Learning Hub.

No fake reviews

We can back up what we say with plenty of online testimonials and reviews from students who have done our courses for all kinds of reasons, from wanting to find work to being more productive in their current roles, to starting their own business.

image of many student faces for testimonials

Why Learn Online?

woman at computer learning cheapest online myob xero excel training courses study ONE OF THE BIGGEST benefits of online study is that you train at your own pace. Way back in 2003, when we still ran face-to-face training centres, we began recording training videos of the topics we covered in the face-to-face class. This led to students being able to start their course whenever they wanted to.

We have always delivered our courses in 2 to 3 hour duration training sessions. We found that after this time, people find it hard to concentrate.

Therefore, our online training courses are structured to generally resemble a two-hour training block. This means a module can be completed easily and without stress.

Many of our students are parents returning to work, people changing careers to reach a better work-life balance and work closer to home so they can be available for their children. Online learning is a great way to learn for people with busy lives and other commitments. It also enables you to:

  • Go over difficult topics several times if you need to
  • Start (and stop) your training at the appropriate skill level
  • Not have to wait for slower learners or catch up with faster ones!

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