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A local folder that syncs with the cloud

dropbox-logo-online training course for bookkeepers, marketing and othersOne of the most powerful internet based applications that we use everyday is Dropbox. It’s powerful because it enables you to automatically backup any files you save into your Dropbox folder AND it enables you to access your files from any computer. When you delve deeper into Dropbox and start using it on your Smartphone you’ll also discover that every photo you take on your phone (and screen shot) can be automatically saved into your “Camera Uploads” folder within Dropbox so no matter how much phone storage space you have you’ll always have a copy of images in Dropbox.

When working with new staff, particularly remote workers or independent contractors you can easily share your business folder or just a folder that is relevant to the work they need to do. Bookkeepers performing cloud based remote bookkeeping (or just working from home) can get their clients to put copies of all their receipts into a dropbox folder (take a photo) so they can see evidence of each expense – it can be like a shoebox in the cloud.

The Dropbox Course is a Free Student Inclusion and compliments the Microsoft Office Beginners Essentials courses beautifully.