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Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Online Training Courses

MICROSOFT OFFICE is the most widely used Office Productivity Suite in the world and includes popular software programs like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. These courses are designed to help people manage their daily business lives, present information, write white papers, presentations and much more.


Microsoft Word Beginners’ to Advanced Certificate Training Courses

Word Processing Software

Microsoft Word Beginners, Essentials, intermediate, advanced training courses logoMicrosoft Word has been the dominant word processing software for decades and it has the power to create most of the documents that a business needs to operate from menus and price lists, to advertising flyers and business proposals to training workbooks and business plans.

Microsoft Word enables anyone to create professional looking documents and the templates enable staff and business owners to put these documents together in a professional structure and format.

In its most basic functionality, Microsoft Word is a text editor which enables you to put text and number characters onto a page, create spaces using the space bar, enter key and tab key and edit and remove these characters. You can get some free training on these Introductory Microsoft Word skills and then build on the basics in your own time and at your own pace.

learn microsoft word cheap online training and studyMuch of the Beginner level skills in Microsoft Word involve:

  • Use of the keyboard
  • Understanding the three main types of characters and their formatting
    • Text editing
    • Paragraph formatting
    • Page formatting

Once you master these basics, you’re able to incorporate tables, images, styles and more into your documents. In the advanced topics you’ll learn to merge data, use styles, headers and footers and insert document information like filenames and locations, page numbers and much more.

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Microsoft Excel Beginners’ to Advanced Certificate Training Courses

Spreadsheet Software

Microsoft Excel 2013 Spreadsheet training courses beginners intermediate advancedSpreadsheets are popular and useful because of their structure of rows and columns which intersect at a cell where data can be entered. In their most complicated format spreadsheets can be linked together and information from one calculated field can be brought into a total different spreadsheet which uses this information to perform another detailed set of calculations.

There are three main types of structure where Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are used: tables or worksheets, databases and charting or graphs. Learn about these basic introductory Microsoft Excel skills in our free training workbook and then grow your skills step-by-step and in your own time by enrolling into the full beginners to advanced Microsoft Excel training courses.

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Microsoft PowerPoint Beginners to Advanced Certificate Training Courses

We LOVE PowerPoint online training courseStill Very Relevant for Presentation & Design

Microsoft PowerPoint is the dominant global leading software for presentations and, unlike Word Processing software like Microsoft Word, which used character editing as its main structure formatting, PowerPoint uses a frames structure.

This means you can put any type of frame anywhere on a page and reorder and re-arrange them until you are happy with how it looks. These frames can be text frames and images and even audio and video files but most people use the software as a slide progression from one page/slide to the next.

The frame structure gives PowerPoint the flexibility to give people the power to place any image or text anywhere on the page which appeals to people who prefer to present their information visually but many users simply use a heading and then a set of bullet points and perhaps an image and focus on using the presentation software to take their audience on along a story about what they are trying to share.

Learn the fundamental basic Microsoft PowerPoint presentation skills for free and then decided if you’d like to learn from home at your own pace with all the training tools and exercise files you need.

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Combination Offer!

EzyLearn Microsoft Office Beginners Essentials logo croppedIf you are a beginner to the Microsoft Office suite of programs you’ll find our Microsoft Office Beginners’ Essentials courses a fantastic way to get a solid understanding of how to:

  • Navigate documents
  • Use and create documents, spreadsheets and presentations
  • Manage emails, calendars, contacts and tasks.


ALL of these courses are available for ONE LOW price with 12 months access and the option of a Certificate if you want one.

When you enrol into the Microsoft Office Beginners Essentials courses you’ll also receive the Free Student Inclusions that come with being an EzyLearn student.


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