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Streamline Support

Text Message / SMS Support

The most important outcome from students learning about MYOB & Xero, Office Admin or our other courses is that they get their questions answered quickly and the best support method for this is SMS. Text message support enables you to ask a question and get a quick reply that ensures you can get on with you’re learning and not STUCK waiting for an answer.

Email Support

The other popular support method is email and email support is used when your question is a bit more complex or requires the sharing of a screenshot or other detailed information. Email support is most often used when bank reconciliations don’t balance or the figures are wrong as a result of an incorrect date or decimal character.

Navigation Support

In our 25 years experience the main reason that students use phone support is because they have not used an online learning system and are not sure how to navigate and move from course to course or resource to resource.

In your welcome email we have a link that takes you to our welcome video that explains exactly how to navigate and use the learning site.

If a student uses phone support because they don’t understand how to perform a task using the software it is often because they simply prefer to speak with someone on the phone. The benefit of enrolling into an online course with EzyLearn is that you can watch the instructor tutorials over and over again as often as you need to.

If phone support is important to you make sure you add a phone support package to your enrolment.

The logistical issue with offering phone support is that a support agent can only deal with one person at a time and may need to schedule that time for when the student is available. As a result there is a higher cost to offer phone support.

If you can start and complete your course using Streamline support you’ll get quick and efficient answers and save money while getting access to some of the best, practical bookkeeping and office administration training available.

See what some of our graduates say about EzyLearn courses and the support they got. 

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