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How Students Are Supported

Well Designed and Explained Courses

The most important part of our courses are the learning journeys and case studies that you work through to learn new skills in accounting and bookkeeping, office administration, digital marketing and sales and customer service.

These tasks are clearly explained in the learning site and in the training workbooks and supplemented by the video tutorials. If you have a question or a problem in any part of any course you can reference the name of the video or the page reference or link and we will take care of the rest.


Email Support

Although you might think email support is a very basic concept we use a corporate grade support ticketing system to ensure that any of our support team members can help you (from any location across the world!). This support system is called ZenDesk and it also enables us to allocate it to a product specialist or customer service agent best suited to answer the question.

All you have to do is send us an email and maybe a screen shot and it is then up to us to ensure that you have the answer and information that you need.

Website Chat

Website chat enables you to quickly reach out for help while you are at our website or at the learning site. If your website chat agent can answer your question there and then it is a quick way of clearing any issues you might have.

If you reach out when support is not available your queries goes to our central support ticketing system and someone will then get back to you – you don’t need to reach out again and again and again.

Phone Support

Phone support is available upon request. Most simple questions can be answered quickly in a call but deeper questions, exercises or issues may need a scheduled call with a product specialist.

SMS Support

SMS support means you can get quick answer from your phone via a quick SMS. Many students have found this method to be very efficient and quick.


The Best Support is a Perfectly Designed Course

Rather than just hear it from us here is what some students had to say about our support or if they even needed it!