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Online Study Tools

Study Planner Template

Weekly Study Plan focused on office and accounting skills to achieve Job Outcomes for accounting & Office admin jobsTHE BEST THING about online study is that you can access comprehensive, quality training at the time that best suits you.

When we operated our Sydney training centres we offered short courses which went for only 3 weeks; yet many students couldn’t make one or two of those sessions. Therefore, we offered free repeats, but online training means your course can fit into your schedule.

In order to help you work out the best times for study during your busy week, we have designed a complimentary study planner template.


Plan Your Studies Around Your Life

mother with son studying and playing at the same timeMany of our students are parents returning to work or changing careers to have a better work life balance and work closer to home so they can be available for their children. We’ve created a template which you can modify as you please using Microsoft Word to help you manage your study tasks and achieve them within your preferred time-frame.

A study planner enables you to set clearly defined goals not only in online course completion but also in the tasks you need to complete to achieve your career goals.

Tasks including:

  • creating or updating your resume
  • practising your interview technique
  • researching of potential employers and more.


Getting an Accounting, Payroll or Office Administrator Job

Career Academy Course, Accounting Jobs and Bookkeeping Training CoursesIf you are performing data entry or credit management work like Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable, you’re in the category of people who have a great base on which to improve — if you want to.

You probably have a good understanding of the clients, suppliers and procedures of the business where you work; your next step forward is most likely one of up-skilling and building on your confidence.

The skills we train you in within our online training courses will give you the knowledge to find part-time or casual accounts or office manager work closer to home.

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Learning Skills that Mirror Real Life Experiences

EzyLearn courses are designed from the ground up by business owners and bookkeeping professionals to mirror the common tasks which happen in real-world small businesses.

After completing one of our Bookkeeping Courses (Beginner Certificate or Advanced Certificate) or Microsoft Office Courses, you’ll come away with genuine skills and resources to be able to apply for accounts, bookkeeping and administration jobs with confidence.

Learn more about the Job Outcomes you can expect when in enrol in one of our online training courses.



Our Career Success Program

Workface Career Academy Training Courses in Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, Bookkeeping LOGOGetting an accounts or bookkeeping job that is close to home and with flexible hours is very possible —and it’s not hard. When we say it’s not hard, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work for it; indeed you do. However, when you understand the process, have all the tools at your disposal, and understand that it may take you 4-8 weeks (or more or less) then the tasks doesn’t seem so much hard, as logical.

The steps you take to look for vacant positions, apply for jobs and present yourself in phone and face-to-face interviews are all part of a logical step-by-step approach.

The tools to help give you confidence in the job seekers process are included in our Career Academy Success Program, which is also part of our LIFELONG Learning Hub, available to all students no matter which course you enrol into!

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