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12 Customer Service Training Courses

What is Customer Service

Customer Service Training Courses 1Even when you are deciding on the products and services you want to sell, your pricing and marketing you’ll need to have an idea about how you want to deliver your customer service. If someone is already a customer they obviously like your customer service so far and have decided to use your business. It is important to maintain that level of customer service all the way through to the use of your products and services and beyond.

When you program good customer service in every aspect of your customer dealings you’ll see an increase in referrals from these existing customers.

Customer service is recognised in many management and sales training courses as a way to increase revenue. MYOB used Twilio Telephone and Multi Channel communications software to increase customer service for every person who downloaded their trial software and saw an increase in take up of users!

It is the implementation of systemised resources to help clients solve their problems “by using your products” that will change the way you sell effortlessly.


Pre Sales Training Course

Selling Academy Sales Training Courses logoCustomer service may be in the form of:

  • Pre sales questions
  • Email to explain more about your product
  • Phone call to find out when they would receive the product
  • Making contact on your social media pages to see if they’re active

Customer service is about the experience that someone has with your organisation and it’s more about your attitude towards your customers and about getting back to them quickly if you need to find something out.

When someone makes a decision to use your services for the first time they are taking a BIG chance because you are an unknown – they don’t know you. They may have read about you at your own website or seen you on social media, but unless you were referred to them from a friend they DON’T KNOW YOU.

It is best to have a digital marketing strategy that created targeted ads that appeal directly to your ideal client, then have a series of Pre Qualifying Questions to figure out quickly if they are in fact ideal client and finally an offer that appeals to them.

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Customer Service During the Sale

Customer Service technology courseOnce a customer has agreed to buy your product or service you now have to deliver it. It doesn’t matter what you sell:

  • mow their lawns,
  • do their bookkeeping or
  • supply them with some jam or
  • t-shirts and apparel

The moment you sell that product or service your customer will be aware of every contact you have with them until they have something of substance from you. You will be watched closely until the products or services have been provided so NOW is a critical time to ensure you have good customer service.

Companies like couriers have online systems to ensure you can check on the progress of your order, gardeners or bookkeepers are measured by the work that they complete and tradespeople by what they build/fix.

Open communications during the sale process will reinforce their original decision to use your business.


Customer Service After the Sale

Online accounting training course support for Xero Learn, MYOB, QuickBooks Pro Support - Applied Education for jobs - EzyLearnCustomer service after the sale will ensure that the customer uses your services again or recommends you to their friends.

This step is a marketing process and is often in the form of communication via an email newsletter, phone call or a letter/flyer in the mail. Sometimes businesses send out surveys or questionnaires so that each aspect of their business can be rated.

Website chat and SMS support are two of the newest ways of offering quick and efficient support to Pre Sale Prospects and existing customers. It is a customer service method that enables one staff member to provide accurate answers quickly to many different customers rather than phone support which required dedicated time and individual effort.

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Great Customer Service FREE Resources

Self study to understand some of the requirements and standard expectations for customer service jobs.

NSW Police Customer Service Guidelines


Data Entry Skills & Microsoft Office Word & Excel Basics

Most customer service jobs require confident and competent typing and software usage. Large organisations like the state police forces have customised database software for many tasks but still rely on Microsoft Office Applications for some tasks.

You’ll use these programs if you apply for work in a customer service or call centre job. Get some free skills here:

FREE Data Entry and Microsoft Word Training Course Materials

FREE Microsoft Excel Beginners Training Course


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