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Academic Development Program (ADP)

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What do you want to learn today?

EzyLearn ADP Academic Development Program logo - Payroll Courses, Receipt capture and scanning, Xero Integration Courses logo“Ever since I started helping people use their computer software in 1996 (technically it was earlier but who’s counting?) I realised that most people want to learn the same things, but they want to apply it differently to their own circumstances — business and personal.

“I’m learning to use new software every week and my team and I are constantly creating new training materials about all the different aspects of running our business.

“We use lots of great software programs and online services for our marketing, sales, support, admin, finances, reporting, CRM, productivity, time management, scheduling and so on, but I don’t release them on the EzyLearn LMS until they’re fully complete.

“As a member of the Academic Development Program (ADP) you’ll have access to these workbooks, videos, knowledge review tests and exercise files and you can have direct input into the content of these courses — we may even profile your business, meaning exposure and credibility building for you.”

— Steve Slisar

ADP Goals

The goals of EzyLearn’s ADP are to ensure that:

  • Students receive new course content quickly

Membership to the ADP will directly benefit you and your business as EzyLearn constantly explores every aspect of business where technology is, and can be used, to better your business.

  • Students engage in collaboration and review

When new course content is in the beta phase, it’s usually because we’ve created an outline for the course and filled it with educational content and examples. Often it flows beautifully, but sometimes there are still more requirements for small business we haven’t explored. We’d love to hear your stories and have a way of collaborating.



“It’s great to collaborate and get feedback. It reinforces to me the importance of developing more and more case studies or micro courses because these individual scenarios take us down new paths that may vary from business to business, and yet they cover the problems inherent to almost all businesses”.

— Steve Slisar 


Current ADP Topics

These are some of the courses currently in development:


Who are ADP Members?

The ADP is suited to bookkeepers, accountants, virtual assistants, contractors and social media marketing people who use software programs to do work for their clients. Many situations arise in everyday work that need solving and these often require you to use the software in ways that you’ve never used before — or find alternative programs. I’d like to explore these challenges and solve them with you.

What do you want to learn today?

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