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How to JV to Create the Perfect Offer

Marketing Academy - Creating the Perfect Offer - Magazine Advertisement - 1 Aldi Toilet Suite & Installation Package -smallPurchasing toilets through Aldi

Our CEO recently went through the experience of purchasing toilet suites for $299 including installation by a licenced plumber and it inspired him to get the team together and explore WHY this offer was so compelling and why they sold out at the store he purchased from. To deliver this offer Aldi needed:

  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Retail outlets
  • Regular shoppers
  • A magazine that is well circulated and read
  • Special offers which people take notice of
  • A system for defining the exact circumstances of an easy (ie cheap) installation
  • A Joint Venture partner who could take calls/emails etc regarding installation
  • A Joint Venture partner who had a network of licenced plumbers
  • A system for collecting more detailed information about every clients current toilet installation type (called a Request For Information)

The current training guide goes through the offer, the social media support for Aldi and the marketing strategies that Aldi have to increase not only broad sales in their stores but also the range of products they sell.

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