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Business Opportunities

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Become an EzyLearn Partner!

THERE ARE SEVERAL ways you can become an EzyLearn Training Partner. It depends on how involved you’d like to be.

If you already work, or have a job, we have a tutor option that may suit you. If you run your own business we have a couple of options you can incorporate into your own suite of services.


1. Online Training Courses (Affiliate)

If you enjoyed your learning experience with EzyLearn and think it would benefit your friends, family or colleagues, you can earn money by recommending us to them and other people you know using your affiliate link.

How it works

As an EzyLearn Affiliate, you will receive training and help with digital marketing and how to promote your own unique affiliate marketing link.

When the people you refer visit the EzyLearn website, our system keeps track of you as the source and when they enrol it credits you with a percentage of the total enrolment fee.

This method is transparent and traceable and used by all sorts of online businesses around the world, even Amazon.

Learn about the EzyLearn Affiliate Partner Program


2. Training Course Tutor

Would you like to earn some extra income? If so, becoming an accounting training course tutor may be ideal for you.

You can become a training course tutors by completing the training courses with EzyLearn and then registering your interest. You can tutor in the subject/s you have completed and we’ll put your details online to help you get discovered.

For example, if you have completed our Xero COMPLETE Training Course, you’ll be able to become a Xero Training Course Tutor.

Who will you tutor?

You will provide tutoring to new students who have chosen to select a course tutor to help them complete their online training course or a complete stranger who discovers your services and reaches out to seek your help.

If you have experience in specific industries, or you have a passion in a particular area of accounting, we invite you to contact us describing your area of interest and your experiences.

This will help you stand out to students who have indicated they would like to connect with an EzyLearn Accounting Training Course Tutor.

Learn more about the Accounting Course Tutor Program and register your interest.


Academic Development Program

learn online training course videos Steve SlisarThe ADP is for EzyLearn students who want to help contribute to course content and comes with the benefit of collaborating with other like-minded industry workers.

Membership to the ADP is only available to selected students upon application and as a member you’ll get access to beta versions of courses and webinars that are in early stages of development.

Being part of the ADP gives you and/or your business the opportunity to be profiled in our course materials and marketing materials — and our reach is huge!

You can also contribute to course content and case studies (micro courses).

Find out more


Online Training Retail  Professional Partner

A Retail Partnership gives you what most serious business owners want – an online business that you can operate from anywhere.

The EzyLearn Retail Partner program gives you:

  1. Your own website
  2. Special offers page
  3. Course product pages
  4. Lead pages,
  5. Setup of your own digital marketing funnel
  6. Training in how to attract students
  7. Training in how to qualify students and make course recommendations
  8. Excellent profit margins, and the
  9. Potential to provide services to your own clients.

This option provides you with a dedicated website that plugs into our enrolment systems so we enrol students and you take care of all the student relationship and support.

Learn more about becoming an Online Retail Professional Partner