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EzyLearn Affiliate

Earn a passive online income

EzyLearn Affiliates can be individuals, small bookkeeping businesses and all the way to large international training organsations. It also suites accounting firms, rehabilitation organisations and career counsellors. Here are a few scenarios:

  • accountants whose clients need training in accounting software, and some choose to give our courses away to free to their most valued clients.
  • online education companies who want to expand their suite of offerings.
  • Bookkeepers on-sell our courses so that their clients can do some of the more day-to-day activities while they engage in ongoing, higher-level accounting work for their clients. The choice, of course, is yours.

These days using online digital marketing and social media marketing anyone who has completed an EzyLearn course can now earn money by recommending us to their friends using a link in our affiliate partner portal.


Why students choose EzyLearn

Learn online, at your own pace

Online learning suits anyone, whether self-employed, working full-time, juggling commitments to children or elderly parents, or people looking to get back into the workforce.

Continuing Professional Education helps:

  • improves the quality of a business and its procedures
  • improves employability, and
  • ensures compliance
  • demonstrates a commitment to continuing education, best practise and innovation.
  • improve productivity
  • improves revenue, reduces costs and increases profitability

We’ve been delivering training to help people find work, work more productively and manage their businesses better since 1996. We’ve been an online-only training business since 2006 and in that time we’ve built up an extensive list of options which can be tailored to you if you are serious about running a business that incorporates online training.


Premium short courses which include everything

EzyLearn online courses take students on a learning journey using practical step-by-step tasks and real business case studies. EzyLearn students learn by following instructions to perform common office administration and bookkeeping tasks.

The courses include instructor videos, training workbooks, exercise files, business case studies and full student support via email, phone, sms and website chat.

Learn more about how EzyLearn courses are delivered and supported


Why online training is better than classroom courses

Online training courses mean that students can learn at their own pace, in the comfort of their own home or office at a time that suits them. It also allows for other commitments to be met whilst studying, so is extremely flexible.

Students can use our courses and course materials, such as our printable workbooks, as an after-course resource, and if they opt for Lifetime Access, will be provided with all of our regular course updates for the rest of their working life.

It also ensures a consistent learning experience that is in no way affected by the ability of an individual trainer.


Use our marketing collateral — too Ezy!

Marketing material, images, customer images, special offers, call to action and money back guarantee to sell online training coursesWe have dozens of pages of detailed information and custom images to make the job of creating compelling marketing content which attracts students, and even provides them with some free trials and samples, really simple for you.

When you sign up as an EzyLearn Partner you’ll have access to our material and you can modify it as you wish.


Samples, calls-to-action and Money-Back Guarantees

The EzyLearn Partner System gives you everything required to provide a compelling reason to buy. This includes samples and calls-to-action offer, special discount offers and coupon codes and you can even tell them about the EzyLearn 30-day Money-Back Guarantee!


Technical part taken care of

Once you’ve referred someone to our enrolment site, they can do their own research, ask any questions and enrol themselves into courses. A unique affiliate tracking ID will match them to your EzyLearn Affiliate account and you’ll receive a commission for the enrolment. You can leave the rest to us.

We’ll process the enrolment, answer all their questions, give them access to course materials, assess them and provide them with their certificate – you don’t need to worry about any technical or support issues.


Specialise or generalise, doesn’t matter

Some bookkeepers, BAS Agents and accountants like to focus on a core accounting software program and only refer people to those courses while others just link to the main home page and let referrals choose what they want to learn. Either way you’ll get the commission if you told them about us.


Social Media Marketing Training included

NBN Broadband, teleworking, MYOB, cloudBecoming an EzyLearn Affiliate enables you to utilise your social networks and connections to share useful and insightful information which contains affiliate links to relevant courses.

The EzyLearn blog has been active since 2009 and contains over 1,000 articles about the bookkeeping industry and office administration work, jobs and training.

You’ll learn how to incorporate your affiliate links into conversational style comments and articles to have the potential of earning a passive income. Enrolments can happen any time of the day and from anywhere in the world and you don’t have to work for an hourly rate to make it happen.


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