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Accredited Training Courses

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OUR ONLINE TRAINING courses include a Certificate of Completion, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, course contributors who are professionals in their field here in Australia, and endorsement from BAS agents and accountants.

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Certificates of Completion

With each and every EzyLearn course you have the option to receive a Certificate of Completion officially accrediting you with the achievement of having completed our course. Our certificate option is viewed favourably by employers and is a clear statement of attainment.

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Fair Trading Conditions

ACCC Australian Federal Government Consumer Affairs logoEvery business which operates in this country is required to abide by trading conditions governed by the State offices of Fair Trading and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

These organisations hold companies accountable for what they promise in their marketing and what they deliver in the real world. If there is any discrepancy between the two, a customer is entitled to a refund, either partial or full, or perhaps some other action based on a determination by one of these departments.

EzyLearn has been a registered company since 2000. Any information pertaining to the registration of this company is available to view on public record via the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) website.


30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Our commitment to our students is, and always has been, to provide fantastic, interesting and easy-to-absorb learning journeys based on real-world scenarios at an affordable price that provides true value for money. We believe in delivering our online training courses in “bite sized pieces” so you are able to learn at your own pace, and progress from basic to more advanced skills naturally and thoroughly.

So confident are we of the quality of our courses, that we are proud to provide our students with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Steve Slisar with captionOur focus is always on education and providing quality content at a value for money price. We guarantee that what you see on our website is what you will receive.” 

— Steve Slisar, EzyLearn CEO

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What does “accreditation” mean?

Accreditation is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “officially recognising someone as having a particular status or being qualified to perform a particular activity”. When you are looking to find a suitable course in accounting software, or indeed most anything, it’s important to determine what steps a company must take to be “accredited”.

Many people are impressed with websites bearing the logos of industry associations who have “accredited” the courses on their website. It is important to check whether this accreditation means this industry association has actually viewed the course material and endorsed its quality, or whether this industry association is largely unfamiliar with the contents of the course, but is receiving a fee so that the training company may feature its logo on their website — along with any implied credibility and tacit endorsement of quality of content this might bring.


Bookkeeping and accounting industry association accreditation

In Australia there are a number of bookkeeping and accounting industry associations who can provide accreditation. Although these associations generally help their members with the various compliance requirements imposed by government departments, it is not mandatory to join them. The Tax Practitioners Board has published a list of approved industry associations, with varying individual benefits, which you can find out more about.

Read more about accreditation, Bookkeeping Industry Associations, and accreditation by these organisations here 


Become a Certified Bookkeeper


Tax Practitioners Board and the Australian Federal Government for BAS services and Bookkeeper registrations

EzyLearn courses are endorsed by registered BAS agents and accountants: the “High Water Mark” for bookkeeping work

After being in the online training industry for 20 years, we have learned that when it comes to online training courses in accounting software, the accreditation carrying real value to our students comes from registered BAS agents and accountants themselves.

BAS agents and accountants are the highest qualified individuals operating in the accounting and bookkeeping space. If they believe the content of our courses is genuinely of high quality and relevant to the bookkeeping world, then this is the accreditation that should give our students peace of mind.

Read more about the rigorous requirements for becoming a Registered BAS Agent


Trish Darby experienced bookkeeper EzyLearn testimonial review

I found the EzyLearn Xero course great — a comprehensive step-by-step learning tool to add to my resume and a new tool to use in my Bookkeeping Practice.”

— Patricia Darby
Registered BAS Agent and Bookkeeper, High Quality Bookkeeping



EzyLearn Bookkeeping Course contributors

The contributors to the EzyLearn course materials include:

  • 123 Group Pty Ltd (Corporate BAS Agent)
  • Jacci Quinlivan (Registered BAS Agent; Diploma in Accounting; Xero Certified Advisor; MYOB Partner)
  • Tracey Marino (Registered BAS Agent; QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor)
  • Helen Ip (Bookkeeper; Degree in Accounting)
  • Steve Slisar (Business Owner; Graduate Diploma Applied Finance)

Early Stage Bookkeeping Course Contributors

  • Maria Landrelli (Director at Quation Group Pty Ltd)
  • Marie Diblasio (Managing Director of Your Accounting Solutions and MYOB Certified Consultant since 1995)
  • Alee Cochrane (Cloud Accounting Specialist at BNI Ignite and Total Bookkeeping Solutions

Accreditation programs from software companies

MYOB Certified Consultant & Education Partner

MYOB Certified Consultant Partner Program for Bookkeepers & BAS AgentsThe most important accreditation prior to the above events was the accreditation and partner programs promoted by the main software vendors themselves and in bookkeeping terms the main goal for most bookkeepers was to become a Certified MYOB Consultant. These MYOB Certified Consultants were revered as the go-to people for helping people learn how to use software programs and when you read about our past you’ll be happy to learn that we had several MYOB Certified Consultants help deliver our training courses.

Luckily the establishment of the Registered BAS Agent program meant that BAS agents are now accountable to you and the ATO for the result of their actions so they tend to do a much better job — that is why they need to have Professional Indemnity Insurance. It’s for this reason that EzyLearn made an executive decision NOT to join any software vendors partner programs. We joined MYOB’s Education Program several years ago only to receive legal correspondence about the obligations contained in the Education Partner licence.


Xero Certified Advisor

Xero Certified Advisor for registered BAS agents and bookkeepers logoXero is a progressive accounting software publisher which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).Xero enables bookkeepers and BAS Agents to get accredited in the use of their software so that they can confidently advise clients about features of the software.

The Xero certification is globally recognised because the company now operates across the globe, including:

  • England (United Kingdom)
  • Ireland
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • United States
  • Singapore

As well as Xero Certified Advisor qualification the company also offer bronze, silver, gold and platinum certification depending on how committed you want to be using their software. Certification with Xero can give you global recognition when looking for accounting work.

Learn about Xero Certified Advisor Programs


QuickBooks Pro Advisor Program

Intuit QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor program for bookkeepers and BAS agents logoQuickbooks Online is an accounting software program built and published by Intuit in the US. Intuit is a massive company in the US with a massive following by their Pro Advisors and the company is keen to replicate that success here. Advertised features of joining the QuickBooks Pro Advisor program in Australia include:

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Exclusive pricing
  • local support
  • Training
  • Help winning new clients
  • Marketing material

Learn more about getting Accredited with QuickBooks in Australia


Nationally accredited courses and Registered Training Organisations

Nationally Accredited-Certificate-IVin-Bookkeeping-online-training-courseWhen EzyLearn first started delivering training courses, nationally accredited courses and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) didn’t exist. The formation of these two standards is based around:

Cert IV Bookkeeping & Accounting (Registered Training Organisations)

There are many steps that an organisation needs to take to become a Registered Training Organisation and RTO’s need to apply to include certain qualifications on their scope. IF you are interested in a Bookkeeping or Accounting qualification you’ll be thrilled to learn that EzyLearn has partnered with an RTO to provide students with the Cert IV in Bookkeeping.

  • If you are a current student of EzyLearn or have enrolled into an EzyLearn course since 2013, visit our Cert IV in Bookkeeping website and Pre Register.
  • Enter your details and choose your course options or Short Course additions and submit


The structure and content covered in each course (for nationally accredited courses)

If you are interested in becoming a registered BAS Agent you will need the Certificate IV in Bookkeeping (or equivalent) as a minimum. Every RTO which is accredited to deliver this course can combine many different subjects as electives and you can learn about these Units of Competency at the website for the Cert IV in Bookkeeping Qualification.

Learn more about getting Nationally Accredited Cert IV in Bookkeeping

Become a Certified Bookkeeper