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MYOB Bookkeeper Directory

How the MYOB Bookkeeper Directory Works

MYOB Bookkeepers in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and PerthOne of the valuable services we offer our bookkeeping students is our MYOB Bookkeeper Directory which helps bookkeepers find employers and employers find bookkeepers. It’s simple to use and effective.

Create a Profile

The first step is to create your MYOB bookkeeper profile and you can do this once you have completed our online MYOB Training Course. Simply fill in the form to create your bookkeeper profile outlining your bookkeeping skills, experience and preferred working conditions. We will then syndicate (distribute) this information via a number of different online websites and channels, as well as via our Partner companies.

Working with Small Business

We work closely with small businesses which have provided us with a position profile of their requirements, including the ideal skill set and experience level of the candidates they are looking for, as well as the conditions and pay they want to offer (including part-time/casual work) and match applicants as appropriate.

Our Students; Our ‘Talent Pool’

These position profiles are submitted among our students, or talent pool, and we then seek applications for everyone who would like to apply for the position. We make sure that all members understand the standards of work required and also provide training on how to perform to our code of conduct.

Sydney bookkeepers Parramatta, hornsby, chatswood, bankstown, liverpool, hurstville, brookvaleWho are Our Bookkeeping Students?

Most students who complete our MYOB Courses or our other cloud accounting software courses (including Xero Courses and Reach Accounting) are either looking for work as an employee, or want to start their own business.

Some of our students are:

  • Mums returning to the workforce
  • Corporate accountants who want to work more flexible hours and be closer to home
  • People looking to find reliable work.

We’ve also discovered that the desired work patterns of students vary. For instance, they may be looking for:

  • Full-time work
  • Permanent part-time work
  • New regular clients.

What are Companies Looking For?

MYOB Bookkeepers in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and PerthSmall businesses are the biggest employers in Australia and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some are business start ups who need someone to manage the financials while they get on with the business they’re passionate about. Some companies are established but still small and flexible, while others are going through their growth stages.

Bookkeeping is a requirement for every company. The data entry for Day-to-Day Transactions, Bank Reconciliation, Payroll and Reporting is required by every business to satisfy their obligations to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Small businesses need bookkeeping to be compliant!

MYOB is used by over one million Australian businesses, and as a result, most of the employment opportunities are available for bookkeepers who have MYOB software skills.

Are you looking for a MYOB bookkeeper?

If you have come to this page because you are looking for a MYOB Bookkeeper then please register your interest. Tell us a bit about what you are looking for in your bookkeeper, including training, experience, whether you want them to come to your office of if you are happy to have them work online.

Our MYOB Bookkeeper matching service is provided to YOU free of charge because it is an added benefit to our students.

Find a MYOB Bookkeeper

What does a MYOB Bookkeeper do?

MYOB Setup

Setting up your accounting software, including the data file and account list, Correct links, preferences and tax codes, Customer, Supplier, Employee Cards and inventory items, Opening balances for accounts, debtors etc

MYOB Data Entry and Coding

Data entry for Day-to-Day Transactions is one of the most time-consuming tasks for small business, yet everything else is dependent upon it. An important aspect of data entry is ensuring that all of the transactions are allocated to the correct category (or account in the chart of accounts) — you don’t want to mix up revenue with an inter-company transfer, for example. We’ve discovered that most business have the same, or very similar, transactions each month so once a pattern is established this type of work is quite repetitive but most entry level bookkeepers can do it.

These types of activity are ideal for a MYOB Bookkeeper. Other activities include: Bills and invoices, Recurring transactions, Receipts and payments, Make electronic payments, Reconcile creditors, Follow procedural checks

End-of-Period Reconciliation and Reporting

This type of work involves ensuring the computerised data matches the bank statements and can be submitted for end of month or end of quarter reporting. This work can often involve discovering errors in the data entry like dates or amounts. This stage is also important to enable a small business to lodge their Business Activity Statements (BAS).

Other activities include: Reconcile reports with BAS returns, Check accuracy of all reports, Follow up unreconciled transactions, Organise and perform system back ups, reconcile bank and credit card accounts, Run company data auditor and fix problems, Set up users with passwords and audit trails, Roll over data file for financial and payroll years

MYOB Payroll

The managing of staff payments and salary reporting can be very time consuming and includes the following activities: Set up payroll categories and accounts, Set up employee cards, Enter/import time sheets, Apply payroll legislative requirements, Process pay, adjustments, leave etc, Keep track of outstanding entitlements/leave, Reconcile payment summaries, End of year payroll rollover and tax table updates. A MYOB Bookkeeper can vary in skill from basic data entry to an accountant and a great reason to use one is that they are a contractor and will keep your MYOB payroll information confidential.

Other Possibilities for a MYOB Bookkeeper

Provide support and professional advice, Assist with profit and loss cash flow budgets, Suggest cost control measures, Assist with stock takes, Customise invoices, statements and cheques, Keep you up-to-date with legislative and industry knowledge, Sort out problems and offer record keeping solutions, Set up procedural checklists and train your staff, Visit your premises regularly.

Join our Talent Pool

start a bookkeeping businessIf you would like to become a member of the MYOB Bookkeeper Directory, complete our online MYOB Training Course and choose the Certificate and Lifetime course access options. Otherwise learn how to register the bookkeeper talent pool or as an independent bookkeeper.