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Bookkeeper Talent Pool

Find bookkeeping work or clients?

The purpose of our bookkeeper talent pool is to help students find bookkeeping work or clients. This service is designed to be a lot cost service so the details of each person looking for bookkeeping work are listed in a separate profile and each with their own unique Listing ID (as you can see in these MYOB bookkeepers in Brisbane – click on one of the profiles to see the information).

The purpose of this directory is to showcase the wide variety of people looking for bookkeeping work – they range from people just starting out and very willing to learn and increase their skills who are suitable for data entry work to accounting professionals who are looking to get out of the corporate world to work closer to home and support local businesses.

How will people find your bookkeeping services?

In each Bookkeeper Profile is a link to the “Find a local bookkeeper” form and if a small business is looking to make contact with you directly they can specify your Listing ID. To make contact with you they’ll need to complete their own form that clearly defines the kind of bookkeeping help they need in their business.

We’ll then either send these “Find a bookkeeper” requests to the Talent Pool community or to you individually if your Listing ID was mentioned specifically.

Can I have people contact me directly?

Yes, we’ve introduced a new category for Independent Bookkeepers who are ready and willing to receive calls about their services directly. It saves time and enables small businesses to contact you directly, AND we’ll work with you to build your profile. Register now for the Talent Pool or Independent Bookkeeper Services.