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Cloud Accounting Courses

cloud-accountingLearn Beginners’ to Advanced Cloud Accounting Training Courses 

AT EZYLEARN, WE OFFER you online training courses that will help you up-skill to become more productive, manage your business or find a job in accounts.

Our comprehensive range of cloud-based online accounting software courses include beginners to advanced Certificate training in how to use

Online bookkeeping cloud accounting services using MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero

You can also study business start up and management courses, marketing and sales courses — or update and further your skills in a range of Microsoft Office programs such as (ExcelPowerPointWord) or social media and even WordPress web design.


What can you learn?

Our Online Bookkeeping Training Courses:

Setting Up and Customising Your Accounting Software

Whether you use MYOB, Xero or Quickbooks, we’ll help you “get to know” your accounting software package quickly and easily with:


man studying cheap training in myob xero excel quickbooks reckon sage

Daily Transactions

Entering invoices, purchases, receipts and payments and managing daily and weekly credit & debt management tasks just became easy with:

Read about the Expense Management training course

Read about the Receipt Capture and Scanning training course


Credit Management

Credit Management covers the policies and procedures from the terms of trade you offer new customers to chasing up customers who take more than 90 days to pay your invoices. Learn how to master each step of the process to ensure that you get through the Cash Conversion Cycle quickly.

Learn about the Credit Management Training Course


Bank Reconciliation

Once you’ve entered all the daily transactions, it’s time to carry out a bank reconciliation. Learn the next step bank reconciliation, including performing transaction journals, adjustments and coding with:

Read more about our Bank Reconciliation courses


GST, Reporting & BAS Training Courses

Ensure you meet your ATO obligations with our GST and BAS online training courses: 


Payroll Administration Training Courses

Our Payroll Administration training courses will teach you how to administer payroll functions, from the simple to the complex:women at laptop learning to use payroll accounting MYOB Xero Quickbooks


Read more about our Payroll Administration Training courses

Read more about our Payroll Administration Jobs

Reporting on Cashflow, Budgets and Return on Investment (ROI)

We currently provide our Cashflow Reporting, Budget and ROI Training Course in the Xero software accounting program:


Project Costing and Job Tracking

tradie pouring concrete for concrete slab for garden shed - project and job tracking in cloud accounting bookkeeping training courses (Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks)Our accounting online training courses include “case studies” that really flesh out the course content and “breathe life” into them.

Our Xero, MYOB AccountRight and QuickBooks Online Training Courses have recently been updated to include a case study covering Job Tracking & Project Costing for cloud accounting software.


Financial Reporting

After all of the data is entered or imported and reconciled to ensure everything balances and is accurate you can produce financial reports to understand what is happening in a business. Some financial reports show overall financial health while other reports help you cross-check and confirm the data is entered and coded correctly.

Learn more about the Financial Reporting Training Course


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Some of our QuickBooks, MYOB and Xero Course Case Studies include:

Read more about EzyLearn case studies


Migrating from MYOB Accountright

Accounting software programs are databases essentially made up of contacts (suppliers & customers), inventory items (or services), employees and invoices and purchases and your chart of accounts. When you make the decision to migrate away from your current software program to a new one you need to export all the data and then import it into your new accounting software program. 

The migration from MYOB AccountRight to Xero is very common and you’ll most likely need to use Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program halfway through to make sure all of the data is correct and matched.

Learn more about our MYOB & Xero Migration Courses


Just What IS Cloud Accounting?

account set up with xero online training learning courseFor the most part, MYOB has been the dominant accounting software provider in Australia. MYOB is a global company that started creating their software in Australia. In 2013 it was purchased by a large US Private Equity company; Bain Capital and later sold to another large US private equity company

After software version 19.5,  the company had to re-create their software from scratch because the code-base it was previously built on was no longer going to be supported.

MYOB now has to compete against old rival Intuit QuickBooks Online and Xero who have both focused on creating powerful “online” accounting programs that you can access from anywhere and any device.

To compliment their online accounting software MYOB, Xero and QuickBooks now offer apps and Integrations which enable business owners to better manage their expenses and receipts, staff rostering and electronic payments (just to name a few).


We have been proudly teaching people to use MYOB through our MYOB Training Courses since 1996 when we opened our first training centre in Sydney’s Lane Cove. Sue and Trish started the centre to help mums up-skill to return to the workforce after being away for several years.

In 2006 we migrated all our training course materials onto a University-grade learning management system and started delivering all our courses online – well before Covid19!

Read the feedback from happy clients!


EzyLearn Worklife

EzyLearn Worklife Interviews Advanced Certificate Courses in Bookkeeping and Office Admin with Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, Excel, Word - from $20 per weekSee some video testimonials from EzyLearn graduate students as well as some information about their work lives, challenges and successes.

We’ve interviewed course graduates to learn more about our courses but also about the kind of work they do, why they did a course and how their work is going after graduating.

See Graduate Video Interviews


Bookkeeping Basics Training Course and Certificate

There are some fundamental skills that most bookkeepers need to know and they include:

  • manage income and expense transactions
  • keep track of money owed to them, or by them to others
  • pay their employees and contractors
  • provide financial reports at the end of each month, quarter and financial year.

Get our FREE Bookkeeping Basics guide!!

Learn about the Bookkeeping Basics Training Course and Certificate


Online Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping Training Courses

There are many popular cloud accounting software choices currently, including:

  • Xero Online Training Course
  • Intuit Quickbooks (formerly distributed by Reckon as computer software, now directly as cloud based software)
  • MYOB Essentials and AccountRight Live (the traditional MYOB software is a hybrid cloud/desktop program)
  • Sage One (from UK’s Sage Group, one of the largest global providers of ERP software)
  • SAASU (Australian privately owned)
  • Zoho Accounts (they have a suite of other cloud-based programs)
  • Freshbooks
  • Wave Apps (Canadian) – No longer available in Australia and recommend Zoho Accounts


As part of our commitment to Australian bookkeepers we regularly develop new training content to help you understand how these programs and software services work and to give you more choice.

Read more about the courses that we have currently created or click on the hyperlinks above.


Why Should I Use Cloud Accounting Software?

There are lots of reasons why you should opt for cloud accounting software, if you haven’t already. Some include:

  1. Most small businesses realise the benefit for both their staff and their accountant (who works remotely from his/her own office) can see the information and make entries and modifications at the same time.
  2. With the emergence of Bank feeds that exists for cloud accounting, much of the data that previously had to be entered by entry-level bookkeepers is now entered automatically.
  3. Having a hosted solution means that the software provider ensures the highest level of security and storage (most of them seem to be using Amazon’s AWS) which means you don’t need to worry as much about having a backup and moving files around.
  4. Interaction between your accounting software and other programs like quoting, workflow management, project management and MANY others means you can have a more comprehensive system that all works together using what is called API (Application Programming Interfaces). See Integrations below..
  5. Live data means it is up-to-date and you can get instant reports about profitability, cash-flow and credit management.
  6. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence means that the software will learn about your transactions and the coding that you use (or should use).


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Cloud Accounting Integrations Training Course

QuickBooks-MYOB-Xero-Integrations-Training-Course-Certificate-Hubdoc-HubSpot-Planday-Harvest-Deputy-EzyLearnIntegrations enable a software program to share data with other online applications. User can combine the power of several applications all working together to be more productive and organised.

Learn about the popular and powerful integrations that help small business with their

  • cash flow
  • credit management
  • accounts receivable
  • expense payments,
  • staff management,
  • rostering and more.

Learn about Cloud Accounting Software Integrations


online training courses cloud accounting software

At EzyLearn we offer online training courses to help you up-skill and find employment. Choose from our range of cloud-based online accounting software courses, to business start up and management courses, to marketing and sales courses, or update and further your skills in a range of Microsoft Office programs (ExcelPowerPointWord) or social media and WordPress web design). 

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