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Advanced Certificate in Xero (Cashflow Reporting, Budgets & ROI Training Course 516)

Learn How to use Xero with EzyLearn Online Training Courses logoXero Advanced Certificate Training Course 516

Covering a wide range of business scenarios, Strategies, Cashflow Reporting, Setting Budgets and Understanding Return on Investment

Available to all students who have enrolled in the last 12 months leading up to the release. 

All of our current and LIFETIME Xero Course students have access to this course as part of our “Everything is Included Policy“.


Advanced Xero Course Contents Outline

Xero Accounting Training Course 516 follows the scenario and case study featured in our Xero Advanced Course GST, Reporting and BAS Course (Course 514) by expanding on the sample company scenario for an extra quarter for BAS and Reporting purposes.

In Xero Advanced Certificate Course 516 you’ll learn how to import the bank transactions (rather than enter them manually that we teach in the Xero Beginners Daily Transactions “Essentials” Training Course) and manage the many and varied transactions that our typical entrepreneur, Jerry, enters into, for instance:

  • getting a commercial building loan
  • buying a commercial property
  • completing a real estate agents’ course (because he’s changing business direction and running several enterprises at the same time).


Course Completion Time: 8 Hours


Xero Course cashflow-forecast-charts-reporting-budgetsControlling spend

In this advanced Xero training course we explore the typical overspending that some new entrepreneurs go through and understand how these transactions affect the cashflow of a business.

You’ll learn about the financing, operational and investment aspects of a cashflow statement and about alternative strategies that a business can take regarding its spending and credit risk management.

Better Credit Management and Procedures

You’ll go through other Credit Management reports like Aged Receivables and understand the tools available to small businesses for:

  1. reigning in their accounts receivable
  2. getting money into their bank accounts quicker
  3. using their accounting software to help perform better marketing and operational management by budgeting and understanding their Return On Investment.

One goal of the advanced Xero accounting training course material is to help bookkeeping contractors and accounts staff contribute to better financial decision making by understanding the issues and making recommendations that are backed by insights and reporting.

Advanced Xero Accounting for real-world changes for start ups

You’ll explore some business opportunities that reveal how corporate employees can become small business owners and consultants in their local area with the use of cloud accounting software.

Starting an online business is one way that entrepreneurial people can explore ways to earn money online working remotely from home.

These are some of the topics included:

  • Changing a business name
  • Subscribing to HiPages ( and using it as a lead source for trades
  • Real estate agents’ course and setting up a real estate agency
  • How to earn money selling software training courses – including creating quotes, invoice and receiving payments
  • Home Improvement Pages is a marketing lead source for trades measure quote and sales Xero Training CourseAdvertising on LinkedIn to find a real estate agent employee
  • Setting up a professional WordPress website
  • Exploring strategies to win regular work
  • Using car trailers as an advertising medium
  • Borrowing cost for Cubbyhole
  • How to make a loan and purchase transaction for Cubbyhole commercial warehouse
  • Deposit and loan for commercial property purchase
  • Making changes to inventory
  • Creating invoices for sales and marketing contract work
  • Importing bank statements to save on data entry
  • Creating bank rules
  • Matching transactions for bank statements from a bank file
  • Create transactions for BAS refund
  • Accounting for motor vehicle depreciation
  • Accounting for commercial premises depreciation
  • PAYG & superannuation
  • Cash flow statements
  • Setting budgets
  • Return on investment (ROI) analysis



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Jerry profile startup course and social media marketing for small business entrepreneur

Real life practical case studies

Jerry is the entrepreneur featured in our Xero case studies — learn about his experiences as he traverses the leap from the corporate world to small business and then from one business idea to another.
Jerry’s financials become very messy and your task as the student is to do his bookkeeping and understand the decisions he’s made and how different decisions could have resulted in different financial results.

Meet Jerry

Learn about our MicroCourse Case Studies


Experience the accounting treatments and alternatives for using commercial warehouse premises using Xero

Explore the accounting treatments and alternatives for using commercial warehouse premises using Xero

Accounting for Property Investments

Property is an important asset class in Australia and several of our courses, case studies and exercise files are aimed at helping students get a handle of the various different aspects of managing finances to invest in property.

We’ve included examples based on affordable regional areas where property owners can invest in “relatively cheap” property in Newcaslte, Lake Macquarie and Central Coast of NSW.

In this Advanced Xero training course we explore the purchase of a commercial property and what the alternative options are.



Advanced Certificate Xero Accounting Course

Xero, MYOB, Excel & Quickbooks Training Courses & CPD PointsAn Advanced Certificate in Xero Accounting from EzyLearn includes our Bookkeeping Academy Certificate and over 25 years experience in designing and delivering training courses in finance, accounting and office administration.

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Xero Advanced Certificate Available Separately

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