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Many people learn about integrations because they use online accounting software like Xero, MYOB Essentials and QuickBooks Online but most integrations are also stand alone software programs that provide a very specific purpose.

Cloud Accounting software is often the central software used by businesses every day to perform financial aspects of the business and Xero in particular made a concerted effort to promote the many integrations that their clients could use.

In our online training courses we explore the common Integrations that are aimed at helping automate the bookkeeping process and save accounts staff and business owners a lot of time.

Hubdoc – Receipt Scanning

Hubdoc is a Canadian company that competed against Receipt Bank (now Dext) and Auto Entry in the receipt scanning and transaction coding market. This tasks is one of the most time consuming tasks for junior level bookkeepers and also causes a lot of errors and omissions if performed late. The biggest issue for accounts staff is that the employees who make purchases may not keep their receipts.

Hubdoc Training Course