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Rosters/Scheduling Staff & Time & Attendance

Workforce Management Software Training Course

With cloud based services and smartphone apps that anyone can use these tasks can be performed online and even by the staff themselves.

Once a roster for all the shifts has been created your staff must turn up, clock in and then clock out when they are finished. This either needs to be managed by someone or can be performed with the help of Time and Attendance software – just like a bundy clock or Punch Clock.

With the use of cloud-based software and apps this task is quicker and easier and much more accurate and that means that staff wages are quicker and easier to manage.

Cloud services that can help with this include:

  • Deputy
  • Planday
  • Keypay,
  • TSheets, and
  • ADI Insights

Topics Included in the Workforce Management Training Course

Learn how to use Deputy, KeyPay, QuickBooks Time (was TSheets) and Square Team. You’ll learn about these features:

Deputy Rostering, Time Tracking and Attendance Workforce Management Software Training Courses - Sign up Screen - EzyLearn

Getting Set Up

  • Creating a business and customise settings
  • Customise departments
  • Set up roster defaults
  • Add employees
  • Invite employees
  • Setup pay details


Create and Modify Rosters

Deputy Rostering & Scheduling Workforce Management Software Training Courses - Sign up Screen - EzyLearn

  • Create a roster
  • View your roster in a calendar format
  • Set repeating rosters
  • Quickly copy roster details to new dates


Notify Staff & Self Management

  • Notify staff of new rosters
  • Time clock apps
  • Time clock authentication options
  • See who is in attendance
  • Record Attendance
  • Clock out


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