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Achievement Coaching

Online training delivered on time

Remote Coaching for online training courses and support in MYOB, Excel, Office and WordPress webmasters course.With our education experience and popular online MYOB, Microsoft Excel (and Microsoft Office), and WordPress Webmasters courses we’ve developed a system that students can access at any time. We now offer Achievement Coaching to help students complete their course in a dedicated time-frame and with dedicated support.

With Achievement Coaching you agree to work with a coach to complete your training in a given time-frame. This way you will start focused and remain committed by achieving small milestones each week and completing the course within a pre-determined time-frame.

The amount of coaching you receive depends on the course you are completing – for example the Small Business Management and StartUp Course normally takes at least 10 full days of training to get through all of the content, videos, readings and exercises so more coaching is allocated to this course. The small business management course also includes a wide variety of topics from marketing to financial to sales and management. The MYOB online courses are the equivalent of 5 full days of training so needs less coaching to complete and succeed.

Check to see if Achievement Coaching is included in your course and if not you can always send an email to our online course support team.

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