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Help and Support for Our Online Training Course Students

EzyLearn Answers for student support in online training courses in MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks online, Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint and WordPressOUR TRAINING COURSES are carefully crafted to make the student experience flow. These learning journeys will teach you basic skills you need to know before you move on to the intermediate and advanced features and tools.

However, no matter how well structured a course is, some students want more specific information relating to their own circumstances. Therefore, we use EzyLearn ANSWERS as a way to ensure that our course topics and case studies are relevant for what businesses need TODAY.

We’re regularly updating our training course material and this way we can ensure that new content is based on students’ specific needs and the needs of most businesses.

Online training courses and course content creation

QuickBooks-MYOB-Xero-Integrations-Training-Course-Certificate-Hubdoc-HubSpot-Planday-Harvest-Deputy-EzyLearnThese days, most software programs are online (also called Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, or cloud-based services) and accounting programs like Xero and QuickBooks are being updated constantly to stay ahead of their competitors and ensure businesses are compliant with their taxes.

In our quest to be the #1 Choice for online Office Admin and Bookkeeping training courses, we proudly present EzyLearn ANSWERS — an organised way of crowd-sourcing suggestions for new content for our training courses — that is highly relevant to our students.

Not only are cloud-based software programs like Xero changing constantly; they also have “application marketplaces” (like App stores) for other cloud-based software programs that integrate with them.

We offer EzyLearn ANSWERS to help grow our courses as well as offer an extra level of service to our students while maintaining competitively prices courses that everyone can afford.

EzyLearn ANSWERS is available

EzyLearn ANSWERS is available for the following courses:

EzyLearn ANSWERS is also available to our corporate training licence clients for the courses included in those licences.

Get MORE involved

Xero, MYOB, Excel & Quickbooks Training Courses & CPD PointsEzyLearn ANSWERS is one way we maintain awareness of students needs’, but there is another way; a way that gives you more input and direct say into the direction of the courses we create: The Bookkeeping Academy.

The Bookkeeping Academy is for business owners and bookkeepers who want to learn new ways of improving their business using technology while also contributing to course contents, scenarios and case studies.

Learn more about the Bookkeeping Academy