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Training Workbooks

Training Manuals & Workbooks

EzyLearn Online Course Training Manuals and Workbooks for MYOB, Xero, Excel, Office, Word, QuickBooks OnlineOur step-by-step training workbooks are the foundation of our online training courses and are created after we establish a realistic learning journey and speak with industry practitioners.

EVERYBODY IS FAMILIAR with textbooks, and even story books, as a child. These help teach us about the world around us and EzyLearn training manuals and workbooks are similar. Our training manuals and workbooks contain step-by-step exercises using sample data and practice files so you can get practical use of the software you want to learn.

It’s one thing to be shown how to do something but when you perform the task and do it yourself your level of understanding and confidence increases significantly.

Best of all our training course manuals and workbooks are downloadable PDF’s that you can keep for ever and print out if you like to learn that way..


Training Manuals and Workbooks are included in COMPLETE courses

Screen shots and explanations make our training course workbooks a tremendous resource while you’re working through the training videos when you enrol into our complete or individual courses. You can go through them again and again when you need help in the workplace later on or are just looking for a refresher. Even with screens all around us, we have found that having the printed word to refer to continues to be invaluable to our students.


Training Workbook Scenarios & Case Studies

EzyLearn Online Course Case Studies using Excel, Xero, Social Media MarketingIn every course our training workbooks take you through the common scenarios that a business experiences when they use the software. We’ve created training courses using several different business types and they are used to demonstrate the practical use of the software for the various different tasks.

These case studies include several different types of business from retailer to cafe and professional services like electricians and installers.

Learn more about our Real-life scenarios and case studies.


Exercises and practice files

The other reason students like training workbooks is because they provide step-by-step exercises that you can replicate on your own computer. The workbooks begin with basic steps, that you’ll go on to use all the time, and work up to gradually more complex tasks. Our training workbooks can be used in conjunction with the training videos or on their own.

The training workbooks in our courses are downloaded as a pdf file so you can print them and take them with you wherever you go. You can also open them up on an iPad, tablet or other mobile device, no matter where you’re located.

Most of our courses comes with sample data or practice files so you can work with information without having to create it from scratch.

Learn more about exercise files


Instructor Video Tutorials Supplement Workbooks

EzyLearn Online Training Courses logo 2 Video Library & Support for MYOB, Xero, MS Office courses, QuickBooksTraining Video Tutorials are the most popular method of learning because they combine audio and visual so students can actually see someone using the software the way it is used in the real world.

The training videos are recorded after we design the learning story and after the exercises are created and provide a visual demonstration that you can replicate with the exercises in the workbooks.

Learn more about Instructor Videos


Knowledge Review assessment tests

EzyLearn Online Training Courses logo 2 - Skills testing for MYOB, Excel, Xero, MailChimpWorkbooks, exercises and videos share information with you in a structured way, but the end goal is absorption of the training information — that’s where tests come in. We call them “knowledge reviews” because tests are a perfect way of doing just this; they can be used as a teaching aid for reviewing your knowledge and highlighting what’s important — and then pointing you in the right direction if you make a mistake.

Read about our knowledge reviews and try a very simple one.


Updates and Additions

updated xero excel myob quickbooks training course materialsAs part of our continuous improvement processes we regularly create training course content in the form of case studies or micro courses. These courses can be completed separately in some cases but are usually combined into a larger course for the benefit of our students.

Read more about micro courses.


These online training courses come with training workbooks

We have training workbooks for almost all of our online courses, including:


Free Bookkeeping Basics guide learn xero myob quickbooks online training course videos

You can receive our Bookkeeping Basics Guide for free via email.

Use this guide to give you solid background knowledge before you enrol in an accounting software course — or use it to help you understand what your accountant is actually talking about!

Get the FREE guide now.


Xero Accounting Training Course Manual & Workbook - Data Entry, Accounts Receivable & Payable-sml

Buy Training Manuals & Workbooks Separately

Want to just buy the training workbooks and learn by performing step-by-step exercises? You can! EzyLearn’s training workbooks (the same ones we use within our premium short courses) are now available for sale separately.

Purchase and download them immediately and get confident using the software straight right now?

See Training Manuals and Workbooks currently for sale


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