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EzyLearn Online Courses 20180701- SPECIAL OFFERS, Discount Vouchers, Coupons for Bookkeeping, Marketing & Admin Courses including free coursesSee our Current Special Offers for:

  • Bookkeeping Training Courses 

  • Office Admin & Excel Training Courses

  • Digital Marketing Training Courses

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Reskill, upskill and learn something new to turn your big plans into tangible action and success. Take the steps needed to make positive changes in your life — changes that can take the form of:

  • A new job (Career Success Program)
  • New business venture (Business Success Program)
  • Better business strategy (Digital Strategy BONUS)
  • Upskilling and realisation of goals (Career Success Program)
  • Work promotion and many other positive changes (Career Success Program)

Take advantage of our current Special Offers NOW and have a full 12 months to use them (or LIFETIME access if you choose that option!)


EzyLearn discounts, coupons, vouchers, specials for online Xero, MYOB, Excel, WordPress, Social Media Marketing courses


Our Special Offers can be applied to almost all of our online training courses and come by way of:

  • Discount Coupon Codes (get them send to your email)
  • Automatic Discounts
  • Combination Offers
  • Group & Volume Discounts
  • Add-On Offers and others!

You can receive discounted course prices in Xero, MYOB, Microsoft Excel & Office, social media marketing, business start up and much more!



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Check out our online course price list. Apply any of the specials or discounts on this page and you will save even more money with your online course.


Half Price Courses for Ezy Business Startups

start a business as a bookkeeper, website designer, content marketing writerStarting up a new business or want to plan better for success with your current business? We love working with and helping independent business owners and contractors succeed so we’ve put together special pricing for students who go through our EzyStartup Course. These discounts include up to 50% off:

  • Bookkeeping and accounting software courses (MYOB, QuickBooks and Xero)
  • Office administration courses (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Digital and Social Media marketing courses (WordPress, blogs, Facebook)

Take advantage of our current Special Offers NOW and have a full 12 months to use them

Business Startup Course and Prices


EzyLearn Discount Voucher Coupons online training for Office, Excel, Xero, MYOB, Marketing courses 2Get Discount Coupon Voucher Codes

Get in touch with us via the “Speak with a Course Adviser” form and you’ll automatically receive our current Discount Course Coupon Codes.

These Coupon Codes can be used instantly for further discounts to our current course prices. Watch the training video below to see how to apply them.

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But remember, offers are for a limited time only.

Social Media Marketing Course using Twitter wideAny offers listed on this page are available right now when you enrol or sign up today. Offers may changed or be modified without notice, although we try to announce them via our Micro Post or Blog Announcements.

In the case where you miss a special offer by no more than 48 hours (business days) we may offer any discounts via an enrolment rebate.

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You will also find ongoing special offer announcements via the EzyLearn blog; be sure to subscribe so you’re kept up to date with new offers.


MYOB AccountRight Plus - SAVE $$$ (Click to View)

Cheap discounted courses get MYOB AccountRight Beginners to Advanced Certificate training course & MYOB Essentials Beginners to Advanced for FREE

MYOB AccountRight COMPLETE Course Package

This package is already discounted to $399 for 5 Beginners to Advanced training courses including:

  • Setup,
  • Daily Transactions & Credit Management,
  • End of Month Bank Reconciliation,
  • GST Reporting and BAS, and
  • Beginners to Advanced Payroll.

Total Value = $895, NOW ONLY $399

BUT WAIT, for a limited time only when you enrol into this COMPLETE package with 12 months course access you get access to the MYOB Essentials Training Courses for FREE

Xero Accounting - ALL 6 Training Courses - MASSIVE Discount (click to view)

We’ve added a massive amount of training to the Xero training courses and it’s all available for one low price. It includes workbooks, training videos and knowledge review tests and 12 months or lifetime course access.

MASSIVE savings on Xero Beginners to Advanced COMPLETE Training Course Package learn at home start now and learn fast

Normal price: $1144 (all 6 courses, 12 months course access), includes:

(for ALL 6 x Xero Courses)

Free WordPress Website Design or Microsoft Word Course

Free WordPress or Microsoft Word Beginners Course with COMPLETE Package of beginners to advanced Xero, Excel or MYOB Training Courses

(FREE Bonus when you enrol into either)

Follow these steps:

  1. Enrol into either:
    1. Microsoft Excel
    2. Xero Beginners to Advanced COMPLETE
    3. MYOB Beginners to Advanced COMPLETE
  2. Scroll to bottom of form and choose from FREE BONUS Courses

Receive $99 Value

Website Design Training Course including SEO with WordPress and Digital Marketing Training Course for $499

Website Design Course + Marketing

Are you spending hundred or thousands of dollars every month to appear at the top section of Google’s search results?

Start writing a blog and fill it with keywords to improve your SEO the honest way. Thousands of remote workers from India and the Philippines area approaching Aussie businesses touting their expertise every day when your own staff or a local Aussie Remote Worker can do it for not a lot of money. Learn how with our complete Website Design & Digital Marketing Course Package

  • Learn how to create an edit website pages (it’s easy)
  • Learn how to use keywords to attract Google
  • Setup a Call-to-Action which makes it easy for customer to contact you
  • Learn how to read your website visitor statistics
  • Start with something basic and update it regularly (Google loves that!)

Choose to enrol into our Digital Marketing Training Course separately from $99 or do the COMPLETE package and save hundreds of dollars!.


EzyLearn Microsoft Office Beginners Essentials logo cropped

Microsoft Office Beginners’ Essentials Offer

Normally $499, SAVE $350! Now only $149
Microsoft Word + Excel + PowerPoint + Outlook & Dropbox

Access Microsoft Office Beginners’ Courses at a great discounted price and receive Outlook and Dropbox Courses for free. This is what you get:

  • Microsoft Word Beginners with 12 month’s access AND
  • Microsoft Excel Beginners with 12 month’s access AND
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Beginners with 12 month’s access AND
  • Microsoft Outlook with 12 month’s access AND
  • Dropbox Course, PLUS all the Free Included Courses!

How to Enrol in the Microsoft Office Beginners’ Essentials Offer

  1. Go to the Enrolment page.
  2. Tick the check box for any Microsoft Office Beginners’ Essentials Course(s)

The prices on the enrolment page will reflect the discounted prices.

Microsoft Excel - 5 days of Training - OVER 50% OFF (click to view)

EzyLearn Online Courses logo - Microsoft Excel 2016 training & supportWe’ve just updated EVERY one of our Excel Training Course workbooks, training videos and tests for Excel version 2016 so you get this version as well as our older versions, 2013/2010 and even earlier if you want.

Normal Price: $621, includes 12 months course access and a Certificate of Completion

  • 9 Workbooks with step-by-step exercises
  • Dozens of exercise files to work with
  • Hundreds of step-by-step explanation training videos
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Accredited by Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Now ONLY: $199 (Save $422)


Bookkeeper Combo Bonus Courses learn Xero, MYOB AccountRight & MYOB Essentials and QuickBooks Online Training


  1. MYOB AccountRight Training Courses 

  2. MYOB Essentials Training Courses

  3. Xero Beginners to Advanced Training Courses

  4. Intuit Quickbooks Online Training Courses

  5. Updates and Additions during your Course Access Period

  6. Premium Student Support

  7. Industry-Accredited Advanced Certificate


See more detailed information about Bookkeeping Courses is all program: Xero, MYOB & QuickBooks Online


Workface Career Academy

Workface Career Academy Training Courses in Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, Bookkeeping Beginners to Advanced CertificateThe consultants at Workface.com.au have been working in the career guidance industry for decades and with their help we’ve come up with a career success program to help you

  • build clarity about what you are looking for in your career,
  • explore the potential and future direction for that career, and
  • design resumes, cover letters and correspondence to standout from other applicants
  • learn how to conduct yourself in meetings and when you get the job

Access to the Workface Career Academy is now included and available from the LIFELONG Learning Hub for EVERY EzyLearn student

How Discounts are Applied Automatically

Our special offers and discounted courses change regularly so we ensure any discounts are applied automatically when you choose them on our enrolment form. Watch the video to see an example (but please note, the offer in the video may not be available right now).


Follow these steps:

  • Pick the special offer(s) you want
  • Choose those options on the enrolment page
  • Selected the Discounted Courses (scroll down the page to see them)
  • Choose the FREE courses you’d like
  • Your Discounts and savings will be displayed an the screen


EzyLearn GROUP Discounts - Corporate Training for Excel, Social Media, MYOB, XeroWholesale and Volume Discounts

Are you looking for training for a large number of people or multiple courses for many people? Are you a bookkeeper, accountant or training company that wants to include online training courses with the solution that you provide?

You may be looking for our Corporate Training and EzyLearn Partner programs. Click here for Corporate Training Licence offers.



Constant Improvement

EzyLearn LIFETIME Student Course Access for MYOB, Excel WordPress & Social Media Marketing CoursesWe create our own training courses and constantly explore new ways of improving our courses, training materials and support services to help individuals and businesses get what they want in their quest for knowledge and improvement. Our students include:

  • individuals looking for a career change or advancement
  • individuals who want to start their own business
  • business owners who want to learn the software used in their business
  • business managers who want to keep their staff and contractors educated

When you choose an Excel, Xero or MYOB course which includes the LIFETIME course access option, you get access to these updates FOR THE REST OF YOUR WORKING LIFE.


Selling Academy

Selling Academy Sales Training Courses logoEvery EzyLearn student will receive access to the Selling Academy.

Indeed, “selling” is really just the process of converting a prospect into a customer but it’s something that scares a lot of people — even if they are actually doing it every day and don’t realise.

Networking events are a great place for people running service businesses to get new clients. In our Selling Academy micro course, EzyLearn’s CEO interviews an experienced sales trainer who will give you the skills to:

  • recognise opportunities where people need your services
  • engage in useful sales conversations without feeling like you’re pushing your product or what you do down people’s throats
  • comfortably “break the ice” and start a sales conversation
  • understand that sales is based on fulfilling someone needs; you just need to learn how to find out what they are.

Access to the Selling Academy is now included and available from the LIFELONG Learning Hub for EVERY EzyLearn student.


What Industry Professionals are Saying about EzyLearn

EzyLearn courses are proudly endorsed by registered BAS agents and accountants: the “High Water Mark” for bookkeeping work

Being in the training industry for nearly 20 years, we have learned that when it comes to online training courses in accounting software, the accreditation carrying real value to our students comes from registered BAS agents and accountants themselves. BAS agents and accountants are the highest qualified individuals operating in the accounting and bookkeeping space. If they believe the content of our courses is genuinely of high quality and relevant to the bookkeeping world, then this is the accreditation that we trust will give our students peace of mind.

Read more about our industry accreditation, our course contributors and  industry accreditation in general

View more testimonials from happy students and clients


Trish Darby experienced bookkeeper EzyLearn testimonial review

I found the EzyLearn Xero course great — a comprehensive step-by-step learning tool to add to my resume and a new tool to use in my Bookkeeping Practice.”

— Patricia Darby
Registered BAS Agent and Bookkeeper, High Quality Bookkeeping



Tracey-ONeill-Xero-Certified-BAS-Agent-Bookkeeper-for-bookeeping-training-and-consultingIn my experience, more and more business owners are needing training in bookkeeping because bookkeeping tasks aren’t quite as easy as the software companies make out. I recently reviewed EzyLearn’s Intuit QuickBooks Online Training Course material and was surprised at how thorough and detailed it was. It covers some very advanced topics and the flow of the EzyLearn course makes it a great training resource.”

— Tracey O’Neill
Registered BAS Agent and Bookkeeper for more than 20 years, QuickBooks Pro Advisor