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How It Works

How Do You Learn?

online accounting training course

EZYLEARN ONLINE TRAINING courses, whether accounting, business or media courses, all cater to the different ways people learn and absorb information. Most students can only take information in for 2-3 hours at a time so the training material needs to be short and to-the-point, with practical exercises students can perform themselves.

We realise that students don’t just want how-to training but rather a learning journey just how the tasks are performed in the workplace – we call them real world scenarios.

Some of the learning tools that come with our training courses include:


EzyLearn Online Course Case Studies using Excel, Xero, Social Media MarketingReal-World Scenarios, Case Studies and Micro Courses

When we first design a course we focus on the important fundamental skills you need to know before you can move on to more complicated material. We create scenarios in consultation with people who work in that industry so your learning is real and practical and transferable for jobs you are looking for or the business where you work.

In some of our training courses there are several case studies as we choose the best case studies and examples to demonstrate how the software works. Once we have the case study fine tuned we create step-by-step exercises in our training manuals and workbooks.

See examples of our real world scenarios and case studies


Training Manuals & Workbooks

EzyLearn Online Course Training Manuals and Workbooks for MYOB, Xero, Excel, Office, Word, QuickBooks OnlineTraining workbooks are the backbone for most of our training courses. We spent a lot of time designing courses so that they flow from basic skills to gradually more advanced skills. This way you maintain that “Aha!” epiphany moment continuously as you progress through the courses.

It’s one of the hardest parts of designing a course because we create a learning experience rather than just ‘show off’ what we know in the instructional videos.

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The training videos are created along the same path that we establish in the training workbooks, so no matter which method you prefer to choose to learn, you will follow a journey that is designed to continuously educate you from basic to advanced skills.

See which training manual workbooks are available for sale separately (opens at new Bookkeeper Course catalogue)


Exercise Files to Practice

Microsoft Excel Course Exercise FilesExercise files are a great way to be able to use the intermediate to advanced aspects of a course without needing to create a spreadsheet from scratch.

These exercise files also act as templates that you can use for your own purposes, personally or for business, very quickly without needing to design and format the spreadsheet from the very beginning.

Exercise files also give you an example of how people use spreadsheets in the real world. You can use them as a benchmark for a spreadsheet that you should be able to re-create from scratch!

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There are dozens of exercise files in every one of our Microsoft Office courses and sometimes we’ll include 3-4 versions of the same file but with the new features applied. Again, this is a great tool if you want to get a true step-by-step understanding of what goes on with programs like Microsoft Excel as you apply intermediate to advanced features.


EzyLearn Online Training Courses logo 2 Video Library & Support for MYOB, Xero, MS Office courses, QuickBooks

Training Video Tutorials

We have over 1200 instructional training videos which progress from basic, fundamental skills to progressively more advanced tools on various aspects of managing a business, including:

  • Digital marketing and Sales
  • Office administration using Microsoft Office, and
  • Accounting and bookkeeping and financial aspects of managing a business.

Microsoft Excel Beginners Course Video - formatting your spreadsheetThe training videos are structured using a step-by-step approach which covers each step of the process to master using spreadsheets.

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The courses are divided into sections so you can easily digest small pieces of knowledge at a time.

Your learning experience can now fit into your day rather than take a whole day or two and because it is delivered online you can learn no matter where you are.

See an example of one of our Microsoft Excel training videos.


Video Tutorial Library Membership

Some students just need a refresher, other students want a cheap way to cover a lot of material. Other students want an ongoing resource with the backup of our online support team so whatever your reason these video libraries are available (opens in new window)


EzyLearn Online Training Courses logo 2 - Skills testing for MYOB, Excel, Xero, MailChimp

Knowledge Review & Assessment

At the end of each course is an assessment task which tests your new-found skills. You have the opportunity to attempt each Knowledge Review three times (we provide tips on where to find the correct information if you get an answer wrong) to help your skills improve.

online-inductions and staff training course assessments and testThe assessments are thorough and wide-ranging in scope and cover knowledge taught in the training videos and workbooks as well as providing correct answers for practical tasks. If you get a wrong answer, you are provided with a video reference so you can study up on it.

Once you’ve successfully completed and passed all knowledge review assessments for your course you’ll receive a Certificate of Achievement which also shows a transcript of the topics included in your course.

Learn more about our Knowledge Reviews and even test your skills now


How are you supported?

We understand that our main goal as a training organisation is to understand how to assemble our training resources in a logical order, based on real-world scenarios and case studies and with support when needed. We also understand that support and patience is important for all students.

As technology changes and students adopt new methods to communicate digitally we’ve expanded our support options to include:

  • email
  • website chat
  • sms text messages, and
  • phone support

Learn more about how EzyLearn supports students


EzyLearn Beginners Certificate of Completion & Advanced Certificate fo Bookkeeping courses in MYOB Xero Intuit Quickbooks

Certificate of Achievement

Your certificate of achievement demonstrates that you have completed all subjects in your course and that you take learning seriously and are willing to undertake training to become more productive. For many employers it’s also evidence that you’ve completed your training.

Our training courses are created by industry practitioners and are improved and added to regularly so they are used by a huge range of students from job seekers to business owners, rehabilitation consultants and also government and corporate training via our corporate discounts.

Learn more about your Certificate of Achievement


Online (or Distance) Courses vs Trainer-Led Classes

We often get asked how long it takes to complete one of our online training courses and here are some examples of the expected duration.

Our Bookkeeping Training Courses consist of more than 20 individual courses on the 4 major accounting programs (MYOB AccountRight, MYOB Essentials, Xero and QuickBooks Online) and if completed in a tradition trainer-led classroom it would take 3-5 full days at a training centre for the COMPLETE package in each software program. Our experience in operating 3 training centres in Sydney (Dee Why, Chatswood and Parramatta) tells us that the time it would take is even longer if you are completely new to using computers and bookkeeping concepts.

Our Microsoft Excel Training Courses are created in half day training sessions so all 9 courses (which we currently have online) would take 3-4 days depending on how much you already know, how much time you spend studying, and most importantly how much time you spend practising with the practice files included within the course.


Study Planner Template

Weekly Study Plan focussed on office and accounting skills to acheive Job Outcomes for accounting & Office admin jobsOnline Study gives you the power and flexibility to start whenever you want to and progress at your own pace. You also get more training content and it’s available in different formats to help you get the most from your experience. With great power and flexibility comes the responsibility fit your studies in your regular weekly schedule and that’s where the Study Planner template helps.

The Study Planner Template enables you to schedule study and practice time in your busy schedule and plan all the things you need to do and tasks you need to complete to achieve your career goals.

Learn more about the Study Planner Template



EzyLearn’s Online Training Courses Come with the Assurance of a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


After Course Resource

When you complete your course you have full access to all training materials forever for some courses like Microsoft Excel and MYOB. That includes the training videos you’ve used and, most importantly, new training videos and workbooks that we create in the future. LIFETIME membership was introduced in January 2011 to give you the confidence of a comprehensive resource after completing your course if you want it.

Although the training content is structured to progress from basic to more advanced skills, you are able to jump from course to course and section to section to get the information you are looking for. Our online training courses provide a search functionality that enables you to enter key search terms for the skills you want to find out where to go and find them.


The online course becomes your learning resource for the rest of your working life!


Career Success Program

Workface Career Academy Training Courses in Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, Bookkeeping LOGOOur short courses are often just a stepping stone to take you get from where you are to where you want to be. They are designed to help you achieve success and confidence to just be yourself but with wider skills and real life examples which you can use to demonstrate that you are the right person for the job.

Our Career Success Program helps you identify and define exactly what you’re looking for so you can go out there and get it!

Learn more about the Career Academy Success Program


**** PROMOTION ****

Start Your Own Business or Use Our Services

start a training business selling online courses and face to face trainingWe’ve been creating content for training courses since 1996 and our range now includes:

  • Small business productivity (Microsoft Office)
  • Accounting (MYOB, Xero and Intuit Quickbooks)
  • Website design and content marketing (WordPress, Google, Facebook)
  • Small business startup (EzyStartup)
  • Real estate training (Selling Your Property)

The whole time we have been in business we have focussed on creating (and regularly updating) the best quality training materials that include all aspects of training (sample files, video explanations, training workbooks etc.) to take students through the Aha! moments that only well structured learning can provide.

Knowledge reviews for online training courses in MYOB, Xero, Excel, Quickbooks, Word, WordPress Test 2Using course evaluations surveys and feedback via our sophisticated online support system, we fine-tune and enhance every aspect of our solution from pre-sales and course content creation, through to student support and course completion.

Rather than spread ourselves too thinly by offering hundreds of different courses, we prefer to focus on our niche and partner with individuals and businesses who see our solution as a compliment to their goals, providing them with an opportunity to receive a reward for promoting our courses by purchasing them in bulk and at discounted prices.

If you would like to learn more please visit our business opportunities page and learn about our enrolment vouchers. To learn more, please complete the enquiry form.

EzyLearn Partner Opportunities

**** PROMOTION ****

Committed to Online Training Courses

Learning applications such as MYOB and Microsoft Excel in an online environment is one of the best ways to learn.


Our experience operating face-to-face training centres since 1999 has taught us that people will learn when they are ready and have the available time — and not when they have to fit into a schedule.


Online learning (AND our Lifetime Membership) ensures that you will have an ongoing, excellent resource upon entering the workplace. What better way to go over materials and refresh as you need to?

Educational videos and workbooks provide you with a consistent learning experience, every time. Plus employers are confident with EzyLearn online training courses because we guarantee that you will receive training on every topic — exactly as per the Training Course Outline.

A study by the US Government in September 2010 revealed many benefits to online learning and one of the findings was that “Online learning can be enhanced by giving learners control of their interactions with media and prompting learner reflection”. Our online training courses give you the ability to:

  • Control the pace of your learning
  • Go over difficult topics several times
  • Start your training at the appropriate skill level
  • Not have to wait for slow learners or keep trying to catch up with fast ones


Very Simple Pricing

Have you been to a course and realised that you are at the wrong skill level? Have you completed a course successfully only to not use your new skills for 6 months by which time you’ve forgotten? In these situations you have to re-enrol into either the same course again or another course and the workbook is the only thing you have as a resource.

A common problem for companies sending staff to courses at a training centre is the “Training Needs Analysis” report that finds out what skills the employees have and what they need to know. This process can be lengthy and consumes both the assessor and the student’s (your employee’s) time.

We provide MYOB, Xero & Microsoft Excel training courses with


EzyLearn provides one price for selected courses and this includes LIFETIME course access (including updates) as well as access to all levels within these courses. VERY SIMPLE PRICING applies to:

MYOB Training Courses

Xero Beginners Course and Xero Advanced Certificate Courses

Microsoft Excel Training Courses

Microsoft Word Training Courses

WordPress Website Design and Blogging Courses

There’s no need to waste time deciding which course to enrol into or whether you should enrol in several at the same time. Whether you are an absolute beginner in Microsoft Excel or a competent user who wants more advanced skills, EzyLearn’s Excel Course is perfect.


You Get the Best. Guaranteed.

one cheap low price for all MYOB accounting online training courses logo


Detailed evaluations are conducted at the end of each EzyLearn course to help us understand how the course can be improved in every aspect: content, delivery, operations and support. We also offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to further demonstrate our commitment to your satisfaction.

Come on an online learning journey and discover why they call online learning the disruptive new technology for education.


What Do Our Students Say?

We know what’s good about our course but in the search for more answers and insight we spoke to some of our customers to hear real life stories about why students chose our course and what they thought of it. Read Ellen Toomey’s story from Top Knot Carpentry. Ellen’s story is about her experience with our online MYOB training course and many of the principles apply to all the courses. See what other students are saying about our online training courses.

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We’re Always Keeping Up To Date

EzyLearn Blog Start a home based business

We can provide you with skills to become a remote contractor (Virtual Assistant) and work from home.

Just because we offer free Lifetime student access to our MYOB and Microsoft Excel courses doesn’t mean we only have old training material. We are constantly updating our course content to ensure that we are the best source for online education in Australia.

If you want to see this demonstrated please read or subscribe to our EzyLearn Blog.


You’ll be thrilled to know that we are also 100% committed to helping working mums find opportunities to perform work as a contractor from home.


MYOB is a classic example of some software that is now going into the cloud which means you can operate the software without having to go to the office to perform the data entry. Combine that with the fact that most bank statements are also now available online and bank feeds can be incorporated into the MYOB accounting software you can work during child friendly hours and not have to travel to the office.

Dropbox and Google are other skills that you can learn to help you become an effective remote worker. Subscribe to our EzyLearn Blog to be kept in the loop!