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Learn how to use Hubdoc to scan receipts and code them without data entry - online Xero training coursesHubdoc is owned by Xero and some functionality is included when you sign up to Xero Accounting software.

When it was first purchased Xero announced a price increase of $2 per month and justified it by including access to Hubdoc – a feature which normally costs just under $30 per month.

You can find a link to Hubdoc and start using it within the Xero software as an integration.

Hubdoc for Receipt Scanning

Xero Advanced Certificate Training Short Course - Bank Recs & Journal Entries - EzyLearnHubdoc enables you to not only scan and keep a record of every receipt but also enables you to have invoices emailed so the software can keep track of accounts payable and expenses using email as well.

This course is additional training for Xero daily transactions like quote and invoices as well as an aid to Xero bank reconciliation training.

Hubdoc Training Course soon to be released

updated xero excel myob quickbooks training course materialsEvery student who enrols into the Xero COMPLETE (Beginners to Advanced Certificate) training course will have access to this training as part of our updates and additions policy!

This training course is currently in production and we expect a release in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

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