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Microsoft PowerPoint Beginners Course

Learn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint

The PowerPoint Beginners course will give you confidence to open, navigate, run presentations and even create a basic presentation working with standard layouts, images and text. You’ll even get to re-arrange an existing presentation, make annotations and edit the contents of a presentation.

Education PowerPoint Presentation about investing in sharesCASE STUDY – Educational Presentation (Investing in Shares)

Students work with an existing presentation that is structured for educational purposes. It introduces the concept of share investing and then goes into the reasons and desired outcomes including dividends and increases in equity.

PowerPoint Beginners Course Outline

PowerPoint Beginners – Section 1

  • Basic Navigation 
  • Changing the screen view 
  • Opening exercise files

PowerPoint Beginners – Section 2

  • Navigating through slides 
  • Changing the Zoom 
  • Navigating slideshow 
  • Rearranging slide orders 
  • Annotations in slideshows

PowerPoint Beginners – Section 3

  • Creating Presentation using Templates and Themes 
  • Online Templates and Themes 
  • Editing Texts in Placeholders 
  • Selecting Placeholders


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