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Remote Contractor

Work from home as a Virtual Assistant

Our team consists of professional remote contractor consultants with decades of collective experience in

  • Remote Contractors and Virtual Assistants run their own online business doing office admin and business admin services LOGOBusiness administration
  • Office administration,
  • Writing (content marketing),
  • Bookkeeping, as well as
  • Customer Service and Sales

Remote contractors are also known as virtual assistants who work from home offices and run their own business providing “professional services” to other businesses.

People who work at home or run a business from home are part of a new breed of smart, savvy and disciplined workers who understand the win-win of using technology and staying out of traffic.

They go by many names including:

  • Teleworker,
  • Remote contractor,
  • Remote worker
  • Independent Contractor
  • Virtual Assistant

We have provided hundreds of people with services to help them find a career path that best suits them — and we can do the same for you. We can also help you stay on track as you discover all aspects of your new opportunity and provide you with the training resources and professional support you need to become financially independent operating your own business from home.

Start a Business

There are so many wonderful reasons to start your own business! As a snapshot, starting a business will give you the

  1. freedom to manage your time better,
  2. increase your productivity because you can work close to home and save on commuting time and costs, plus
  3. improve your self confidence as you start to take control of your earning capacity.

Plus with the internet and software in the cloud (which you can access from anywhere) it’s easier than ever to start a business from home. However, let’s not forget that you still need a plan to succeed and that means having a business plan.

Knowledge Included in this Training Course Package

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping Fundamentals
  • Managing Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable
  • General Journal & Adjusting Entries
  • General Ledger & Trial Balance
  • Depreciation
  • Reports & Financial Statements
  • Accounting with MYOB Essentials
  • Accounting with MYOB AccountRight (Windows)
  • Beginner to Advanced Xero Accounting
  • Understanding GST
  • Fundamentals of Payroll
  • Advanced Payroll Administration
  • Microsoft Word Beginners
  • Microsoft Excel Beginners
  • Budgeting, Forecasting and Cashflow Management


Office Administration Courses

Data Entry & Microsoft Office (included)

Master the fundamentals of office administration tasks using Microsoft Office Word (word processing) and Excel (spreadsheets).

Topics include:

  • Understanding and navigating around the software programs & default Settings
  • Microsoft Word font & paragraph typing,
  • Microsoft Word editing data and formatting,
  • Microsoft Excel open sample data files, navigate and understand data entry
  • Microsoft Excel creating brand new files using data entry and editing spreadsheets
  • Microsoft Excel formulas, functions and formatting

Data Entry course

Data Entry & Microsoft Office Beginners Training Course

  • Microsoft Word Beginners: The screen, non-printing text, editing characters
  • Microsoft Word Beginners: Saving, Selecting and formatting
  • Microsoft Word Beginners: Page, character and paragraph formatting
  • Microsoft Word Beginners: Borders, shading and bullets
  • Microsoft Excel Beginners: Selecting, editing and resizing cells & columns
  • Microsoft Excel Beginners: Database structures
  • Microsoft Excel Beginners: Formulas and functions introduction
  • Microsoft Excel Beginners: Formatting and autoformats

Data Entry & Microsoft Office Beginners Training Course

Office Support & Administration using Microsoft Office

  • Microsoft Word Intermediate: Tabs and Tables that Structure Data
  • Microsoft Word Intermediate: Headers/Footers, templates and page breaks
  • Microsoft Word Intermediate: Customising screen, toolbars/ribbons
  • Microsoft Word Intermediate: Symbols, clipart and images
  • Microsoft Word Intermediate: Drawing and Graphics
  • Microsoft Excel Intermediate: Complex views & printing
  • Microsoft Excel Intermediate: Charts & Graphs
  • Microsoft Excel Intermediate: Functions and Cell Referencing
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Create and Edit Presentations
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Design templates and complex formatting
  • Microsoft Outlook: Email and Meetings
  • Microsoft Outlook: Invitations and time management
  • Microsoft Outlook: Customer Relationship Management and tasks

Office Support & Administration using Microsoft Office training course package

Advanced Office Certificate Training Course

  • Advanced Certificate Microsoft Word: Working with Databases
  • Advanced Certificate Microsoft Word: Using Microsoft Word for Complex documents
  • Advanced Certificate Microsoft Word: Using Microsoft Word for Corporate Style & Navigation in documents
  • Advanced Certificate Microsoft Excel: Databases, filter/sort and Named Ranges
  • Advanced Certificate Microsoft Excel: Advanced Formulas, Protecting Cells & Pivot tables and Charts
  • Advanced Certificate Microsoft Excel: Goals, Forecasting, Data Consolidation

See more detail about what is included in the Advanced Office Admin Certificate Courses

Industry Connect for Virtual Assistant Training

The case study in this training package is for a real estate agents office. You’ll use your Office Administration skills to create an advanced Excel spreadsheet with financial forecasts, depreciation etc and then combine marketing collateral and images to present that information in a Proposal using Microsoft Word and a Presentation that you’ll deliver to our course assessors using Zoom.

    • Elevation-Drawing-Dual-Key-Property-Investment-Newcastle-Hunter-Central-Coast-3-bed-x-2-bath-EzyEstatePublish a Presentation
    • Use Outlook to manage weekly goals
    • Use Outlook to assign tasks
    • Collaborate on a document
    • Use cloud based storage like Dropbox and One Drive to maintain backups, annotations and version control
    • Use Zoom to make a presentation to colleagues
    • Use Excel to decide on the best financial investment


Business Administration and Bookkeeping Courses

You’ll receive access to training in either MYOB AccountRight, Business Pro (Online version), Xero or QuickBooks Online to cover all the topics needed in a micro business as well as most small to medium businesses.

Beginners Bookkeeping Certificate Training Courses

Learn about bookkeeping

  • data entry,
  • quoting,
  • invoicing,
  • purchases,
  • receipts,
  • payments,
  • bank feeds,
  • bank reconciliation and
  • journal entries.


Advanced Bookkeeping Certificate Training Courses

Learn about advanced bookkeeping and accounting tasks, including:

  • GST and BAS
  • Reporting,
  • Payroll Administration.


Website and Digital Marketing Course

Creating a website is simple and cheap and a great way to get discovered online. Learn how to use Crazy Domains and WordPress to create and update website pages, posts and menus.

You can then use your website to attract potential customers to use your services. If you do a good job your website will become valuable and attract “organic” traffic from Google, which is free.

These skills will help you with your own contracting work but also give you skills that are very valuable to most small business employers.

Websites & Digital Marketing Training


Advertising and Lead Generation

One of the most challenging tasks facing both established and new business owners is advertising to attract potential buyers and getting these prospects to make contact with you.

Learn how to focus your advertising on the needs of your best potential clients and then how to manage those leads you receive. You’ll learn how to do this for your own business as a remote working virtual assistant as well as your clients (if needed).

Advertising and Lead Generation for Virtual Assistants


Online Customer Service Certificate Training Course

This training course package will give you skills and exercises to confidently start a business and have strategies to start marketing your business and making money. Includes

  • Real Business case studies
  • 6 months mentor support
  • Tools to work from home remotely
  • Real life practice
  • Internship opportunities

Online Customer Service Training Course


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