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WordPress 903 (Google, Lead Capture and Analytics) Training Course Outline

WordPress website and blogging marketing training course logo, tags and categories for SEO Training CoursesWordPress Training Course 903 – Lead Capture and Analytics

Landing Pages and Call-to-Actions

Learn about how to construct landing pages that are relevant and interesting so that Google shows it in the organic search results. Combine them (yes you can have more than just one) with an effective call-to-action and you’ll begin to get some value and a “return on investment” from your website. We’ll explore key factors and you’ll see real world examples of the different call-to-action used in varying industries. Here are some of the topics covered in this section:

  • Discovering things you can give away, loan, lend sample for free
  • Common Calls to action including:
    • Free appraisals & Suburb Price performance reports (used by Real estate agents)
    • Free measure and quote
    • Onsite demonstration
    • Free samples and trials
    • Initial consultations
    • Feature comparison reports
    • Competitions, tests, puzzles and more
  • Using the right words and website placement to ensure success
  • The traffic analytics that go into measuring your ROI
  • Conversion Rates and how they can help you become MUCH more successful


Getting Setup and Connected to Google

Anybody can setup a website but Google likes to know who is responsible for managing and administering the website so we should you how to connect with Google as a Webmaster, prove you are the website owner and then link your website to different Google services like Adwords, Analytics etc.

We’ll show you how to get Google Analytics code into your website and how to read the reports that it generates. When you are connected to Google you can also request that they “crawl” your site to show the latest information in their search results. You’ll feel very powerful with this knowledge and these skills.


Google Ads Introduction Training Course

EzyLearn Online Courses Google Adwords TrainingThis course includes an introduction to Google Ads to help you get started quickly and discovering how Google Ads can help you get discovered quickly.

Google Ads Express is a service designed for beginners and is a good way to get to know the Google Ads system. Once you are comfortable signing in, creating ad campaigns and exploring the analytics you can delve deeper into Google Ads by using the Professional versions.

Explore Google Ads Training Course (Level 2)


Google Analytics for digital and social media marketing training course logoWordPress Website Statistics and Google Analytics (7)

Statistics are one of the most important aspects of your website. It reveals how successful or not your website is and shows where people are coming from, which pages they are reading and what keywords they are using to find you. Website statistics give you the information you need to finely tune your website marketing to make it more and more relevant to your potential customers.

  • Website Statistics – Website Hosting statistics in your domain administration area
  • Website Statistics – Signing up for a Google Analytics Account



EzyLearn Online Training Course Free Samples for Microsoft Excel, Word, Xero, MYOB and moreFREE WordPress Course Training Videos

Watch some free demonstration videos from our WordPress Training Courses


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