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Google Ad Training Course (Level 1)

EzyLearn Online Courses Google Adwords TrainingGoogle Ads When Customers Are Looking For You

Google is the dominant search engine so when people are looking for something they use Google to find it. To be in Google’s search engine results pages is a major goal for the online marketing department of every business today and while many companies use Content Marketing to help them get there, it is a strategy which takes some time to achieve.

Some business are not on page 1 of Google “organic” search results but they can get on page 1 by paying for Google Ads.

Google Ads uses an auction system where advertisers “bid” for keywords to get in front of interested buyers. This involves much more than bidding for keywords because you need to design a good ad that takes customers to a good website page that makes them take action (like contact you to show they are interested).


The Best Customers Are Searching For You

Some online marketers believe you are better off waiting for your content marketing strategy to work but others suggest you promote your business using Google Ads from the get-go. Whichever you believe the truth is that you can get in front of your potential customers immediately and that might be important to:

  • Test the market want for something new you are selling
  • Test the structure and flow of your website marketing funnel
  • Learn how to fine tune your website traffic for the market
  • Just start making sales and earning money


How Can You Target Your Advertising

EzyLearn-Google-Adwords-Course-G001-20171118-3-where-are-your-customers-locatedGoogle is great at discovery and your job as an advertiser is to find out the keywords that people use to find the products and services offered by your business, display ads that make visitors want to click, and then design great landing pages that answer their questions and enable them to get you know your business better and offer them what they started out searching for.

You can make sure your ads show up only in certain areas (states, countries, sometimes even just selected cities), on selected times of the day/week and (depending on how much you are willing to pay) where the ad appears in Google’s search results.

You can explore more details targeting about potential customers using a variety of different tools made available by Google. Good Ads is a great tool for many businesses, including those who only want to target a very specific geographic region.


What To Write In Your Google Adwords Ads

Google-Adwords-is-now-called-Google-Ads-Keyword-marketing-SEM-and-SEO-to-rank-better-in-Google-Digital-Marketing-Academy-Training-CourseThe art of writing great Ad copy has been around since the halcyon days of advertising executives in Mad Men. There is an art and technique in getting people interested in your ad and giving them a compelling reason to click and begin on the journey of getting to know you and your business.

Google Ads Training Course (Level 2) goes deeper into

  • Campaigns,
  • Adsets
  • Bids,
  • Ad Value,
  • Lead value and more.

Google Ad Training Course (Level 2)


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