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Ang (Coopers Plains, QLD) – Works at Vinidex – Microsoft PowerPoint Training Course

When Ang started developing an induction program for her company as part of her new role, her manager enrolled her in the PowerPoint Complete Training Course Package so she could use the program professionally and effectively.

As Engagement and Induction Lead for Vinidex in Coopers Plains QLD, a national company that manufactures pipe, Ang uses PowerPoint in her daily work.  Developing the induction program, as well as working on improving the company culture, Ang’s role requires her to make professional presentations for employees.

She also now finds herself doing more online training with staff, since she now works remotely.  Ang loves working from home, since it gives her a great work-life balance and makes her role at Vinidex even more enjoyable.

Since her course, Ang feels that she’s not only confident in her own abilities in PowerPoint, but she’s able to help and teach others to use it too!  Ang feels she’s come a long way both in her proficiency and confidence.


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