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Christina (Glenmore Park, NSW – Sydney) – Enrolled into Xero COMPLETE and runs several businesses


Christina’s been a stay-at-home mum raising her 6 kids in Glenmore NSW, but now she’s also running multiple businesses and doing bookkeeping for them!  She started out doing the books for a restaurant and has been doing that for 10 years, but Christina has also started a consulting business in the beer, wine, and spirits industry with her husband, a massage therapy business from home, and she mines and sells cryptocurrency.

Even though she had some brief training in Xero from the company that provided the POS (Point of Sale) software where she worked, Christina wanted to become more proficient and confident in using the software.  She enrolled in the Xero Complete Training Course Package in 2019, and it’s given her the skills to not only work independently in the restaurant bookkeeping job, but also to confidently do the bookkeeping for her other businesses in Xero.

Despite not having an accounting background, Christina feels that her course with EzyLearn increased her confidence and efficiency.  It’s also meant that if she chooses to stock inventory in her massage therapy business, she’ll have the skills necessary to do it in Xero since this was covered in the course.

Christina finds Xero makes her jobs easier, and the cloud-based software means she’s able to work from anywhere – which is great for her, since it means she can fit in work around her busy schedule.


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