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Advanced Certificate in Payroll Training Course

Advanced Training Course in Payroll using MYOB, Xero and QuickBooks

In this course we explore the Cafe and Restaurant Industry Award, including minimum wages, annual leave, sick leave and holiday pay. We go deeper into employing contractors and casual staff as well as more complex scenarios that we covered in the Certificate in Payroll Training Course.

Sam Stosan runs a Cafe that employs 5 staff, including 2 full-time staff, some part-time and casual staff. Sam creates a roster each week and has to make sure that the shop is always staffed. Some of his staff get sick and take annual leave so his weekly rostering needs to be accurate and everyone in the business needs to know when they are working, particularly on nights and weekends.

Flockana Cafe Bookkeeping Course case study for payroll administration job training - low res

Sam finds this incredibly time consuming and explores rostering software and apps that can help make this part of the work easier.

Sam’s business gets a little more complex than Rick’s Hair Dressing business because he hires some young workers because they’re cheaper and unskilled as well as has staff members with Child Support Debts that need to be collected by the business.

Sam pays his staff using electronic payments using the ABA format so that all employee payments are made in one batch payment.

The bookkeeping for the business is tricky so Sam explores employing a Payroll Officer as a contract bookkeeper and this course goes through the information and obligations when defining whether a staff member is a contractor or employee.

The Advanced Certificate in Payroll Training Course includes:

Employer Obligations

  • Understanding workcover obligations
  • TFN Declarations
  • FBT requirements
  • State-based Payroll tax obligations

Employee Awards

  • Fast Food Industry Award 2010
  • National Employment Standards
  • Minimum weekly wages
  • Lunch breaks
  • Leave loading

Superannuation Obligations

  • Setting up super funds
  • Register as the employer

Employee Setup

  • Casual loading setup
  • Overtime and Saturday penalties
  • Sunday penalty
  • Annual leave entitlements
  • Tax free threshold
  • Child Support Deduction Pay Item
  • Pay Items that are excluded from BAS

Time sheet Templates

  • Entering time sheets in Xero
  • Approving a time sheet
  • Editing time sheets
  • Using saved time sheets
  • Leave requests

Processing Payroll

  • Process pay for FT, PT and Time sheets
  • Processing pay including annual leave

Electronic Payments

  • Setting up electronic payments
  • Recording electronic payments
  • Electronic payment files
  • Reverting payment files to draft
  • Working with ABA payment files

Payroll Reporting

  • Annual Leave Transaction Reports
  • Personal Leave reports
  • Payroll Journal Reports
  • Balance Sheet Report for current Payroll Liabilities


Processing Termination Pays

  • Determining Terminations reasons
  • Non-genuine redundancies
  • Employment Termination Payments
  • Unused Annual Leave
  • Type O or R Terminations
  • Creating Termination Payment categories


Single Touch Payroll

Single Touch Payroll (also known as STP) is the how employers report employee payments to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). STP Compliant accounting software allows employers to send employee’s tax and super information to the ATO each time they process a payrun.

You’ll learn:

  • How to setup STP
  • Choose who will send the STP file to the ATO
  • Connect with the ATO
  • STP Opening Balances
  • How to file payruns using STP
  • Introduction to STP Phase 2
  • Employment terminations in STP Phase 2


Letting Staff Manage their Rosters and Annual Leave

In the Xero Advanced Certificate in Payroll Training Course we include training on Xero My Payroll, including:

  • Inviting employees to use Xero My Payroll
  • How Employees Accept invitations
  • Limitations of what employees can see
  • Visibility of Payslips
  • Creating new leave requests
  • Timesheet approvers
  • Xero ME app


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