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When you choose selected courses or packages you and your own team will be eligible for Premium Membership for their online training courses. This entitles them to a personal contact for support within the EzyLearn staff, extended team or affiliates to help with support and “Transfer Adoption”.

Transfer Adoption is just a fancy way of naming the process of converting the skills taught in a course to the actual use of those skills in the real world.

EzyLearn courses are designed using Micro Courses and Case Studies based on real life business scenarios to help make the knowledge transfer seamless but it’s good to know that premium support is available. Premium Members receive:

  • Dedicated support representative
  • Access to the course creation and updating process
  • Transfer Adoption support

It’s one thing to learn how to use commands in a software program but it’s another thing entirely to be able to put that into practice in the real world!

Premium Support Availability

EzyLearn Premium Member Services are available on selected courses and this may change from time to time. Premium support is available for a period of 3 months from enrolment date for the following courses, services and packages: