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EzyLearn FREE Student Inclusions beginners Excel, Word, MYOB, Xero, WordPress Online Courses

These courses are designed to improve your overall technical skills as well as provide some guidance about the job search and application process.

The pressures to use technology in most of our tasks is growing every year and these skills are now almost required skills to work in an office. Some of these courses are designed to help you push the envelope a little by exploring technology that your employer might not already be using.

These courses are available to job seeker students for FREE.

FREE Technical Skills for Job Seekers

Micro Course, Bundle or Complete

Dropbox and Career Academy Success Course are available for all students whether you enrol into a micro course, Bundle, Complete Package or combination training course package.

Dropbox Training Course

Dropbox has a new collaboration tool for remote contractors virtual assistance and those running a business from homeDropbox is a software program that can be accessed from anywhere. It is similar to iCloud and Google Drive in that they are cloud storage solutions which save space on your local device, whether that is a laptop, mobile phone or tablet. One of the fantastic features of Dropbox is that it serves as a backup for all your work.

When installed on a Windows computer you have a Dropbox folder just like a My Documents folder and you can put all of your files in that folder. Then you can choose what to store locally and in the cloud (or both).

Another great feature of Dropbox is you can share your folder(s) with anyone else in the world. It is a great tool to work remotely.


Career Academy Career Success Skills

The Career Academy for Bookkeeping & Office Admin MYOB and Xero Courses - Career Success Guidance EzyLearn logo - rectangleAre you looking for work but not sure where to start or what to do? The Career Academy Career Success course takes you through the logical process of understanding which jobs are available, the tasks you perform in those jobs and where to go and find them.

Then there’s information about what to put in Cover Letters and your Resume.


Free Courses for Job Seekers


EzyLearn Online Training Micro Courses and Stackable Credentials - Excel, Xero, MYOB, Office & Digital MarketingEzyLearn courses come in a range of sizes to suit every students requirements and budget. Our goal is to provide affordable courses with practical tasks that anyone can enrol into on any budget. We do this using our modular approach to learning.

Our courses are separated into

  • Micro Courses and Micro Credentials,
  • Bundles,
  • Complete Training Course Packages, and
  • Combination Course Packages.

These FREE Student Inclusions are available to students who enrol into a COMPLETE training course package.


FREE Basic Bookkeeping Course for Job Seekers

If you perform office administration tasks you’ll probably come in contact with some basic bookkeeping terms. Terms like accounts receivable, accounts payable, quotes, invoices expenses and pay slips. Get an introduction to how to perform these tasks in Australia’s leading accounting software programs.


FREE Microsoft Outlook Training Course

Microsoft Outlook training course for email managementSome people just think of Outlook as an email program but it is so much more. Microsoft Outlook is one of the best productivity tools available to most businesses because you can use it to set goals, meetings and appointments and manage tasks.

It is easy to invite multiple people to a meeting to ensure that everyone is aware of what is going on, when and where.

We use it in our office to ensure all remote working team members are on track for the projects they are working on every week.



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