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Free Microsoft Word Beginners Training Course 201

Title Page Thumbnail for Microsoft Word Beginners Training Course 201Microsoft Word Beginners Course Training Workbook and Exercise Files

EzyLearn is a 100% online training company and we create and maintain our own training course content so we love sharing it with you.

I you like our training style and training resources then please consider us if you want to complete a full course or tell your friends and family about us.

The skills taught in the Microsoft Word Beginners Training Course 201 include the fundamental skills involved in creating, editing, selecting and formatting text documents and many students who do all our courses get tremendous value from the absolute beginners courses because they learn the names of things or basic instructions that they knew about, but never understood how it works or why.

Even if you really want to learn some advanced tools in Microsoft Word you’ll find this beginners workbook handy and interesting.


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