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Western Australian Accounting and Bookkeeping Course Testimonials

WA Student Testimonials

These testimonials are provided by students who allow us to publishing them on our website. These students have completed their courses and provide this testimonial after completing their course.

Xero Training Course Australind

[I like] the videos how its broken down in step by step and into sections

Amber Mau
Australind WA 6233

MYOB and Xero Training Course Greenfields

Being able to access the course at times which suited me and that I could re-view the videos if needed so as to reinforce the lessons.

Wendy Kenworthy
Greenfields WA 6210

Xero Training Course Brabham

Impressive videos

Gursharan Abrol
Brabham WA 6055

Microsoft Excel Training Course High Wycombe

the online videos were great as you could go back to them if you didn’t remember it

Linda Coyle
High Wycombe WA 6055

MYOB Training Course Banksia Grove

Good questions in the knowledge review.

Alicia Tarei
Banksia Grove WA 6031

MYOB Training Course Lynwood

Every part of my course is the best! Thanks

Lynwood W.A. 6147

MYOB Training Course Redcliffe

The videos get straight to the point and don’t drag on unnecessarily. I definitely liked that you can download the documents and follow the steps as you go along.

Natasha Orr
Redcliffe Western Australia 6104

MYOB Training Course Canning Vale

You can pick any day, any time to do the course and you can take as long as you like to complete the course.  I love that even after you finish the course you get to keep all notes and Tests results – Knowledge Review Quiz on all the courses that you have chosen.

Petra Mant
Canning Vale WA 6110

Microsoft Excel Training Course Ascot

video’s, short and precise

Eleanor Robinson
Ascot Western Australia 6104

Microsoft Excel Training Course Redcliffe

It is online.

Emma Tawton
Redcliffe Perth 6104

MYOB Training Course Perth

Can re-watch the video when I don’t really understand the first time.

Irrma Tri Astuti
Perth Western Australia 6000

MYOB Training Course Como

The easy to listen to instructions and step by step visual online videos

Julijana Fimmel
COMO WA 6152

MYOB Training Course Perth

[I enjoyed] Learning new skills

Claire Pothecary

MYOB Training Course Geraldton

easy to follow and work through

Ray Croft
Geraldton WA 6531

MYOB Training Course Aveley

The course is great!!! It gives a lot of necessary information for the beginners about how to use the software. As for me personally (as for a beginner with this software), I like the 505- Payroll and 502 – Day to Day Transactions courses the most , because they give the most important information of how to enter the daily transactions and to work with program on a daily basis. Thank you!!!

Olena Zaparniuk
Aveley WA 6069

MYOB Training Course Erskine

The training videos used in conjunction with the workbooks – I tend to scribble notes when learning new things and I found using the two together most helpful.

Elizabeth Bell
Erskine WA 6210

MYOB Training Course Currambine

The videos were the right length and precise.  Taking the on-line course gives the flexibility needed to start and stop the videos and assessments as needed. Being able to study it online and go back over points and have them as a reference for the next 12 months.

Gail Etheridge
Currambine WA 6028

MYOB Training Course Mandurah

Doing the course online meant I could go at my own pace.

Amanda Johnson
Mandurah WA 6210

MYOB Training Course Mandurah

The video’s were a good length and they were at a pace that was easy to follow. The duration of the videos made it easy to fit them whilst having to do other things.

Louisa Ackland
Mandurah WA 6210

MYOB Training Course Nickol West

duration of video learning. easy to stop and continue course. video duration and navigate for curriculum. thank you!!

Mijin Jeong
Nickol West WA 6714

MYOB Training Course Kalgoorlie

Videos, textbooks and small assessments after a course.

Nichaela Patu
Kalgoorlie WA 6430

MYOB Training Course Shenton Park

speak very clearly! the video, the speech, very clearly and handy

Qiang Rosa Tu
Shenton Park WA 6008

MYOB Training Course Bentley

I Think It is good as it is

Pawan Kalra
Bentley Western Australia 6102

MYOB Training Course Ferndale

The materials and videos are very concise and easy to understand.

Sean Lim
Ferndale WA 6148

Microsoft Excel Training Course Ocean Reef

Learning at my own pace. The videos are very self explanatory making learning a joy

Karen Lawty
Ocean Reef WA 6027

MYOB Training Course Oakford

[I enjoyed] the videos and being able to refer to workbook, I enjoyed the whole course it was easy to follow and i completed it quite quickly

Lorraine Carlson
Oakford WA 6121

MYOB Training Course Murdoch

self review [was important for me]

Reji Raju
Murdoch Western Australia 6150

MYOB Training Course Boulder

Being completely new to MYOB, it was easy to follow and understand. I’m currently pregnant and find that my attention span is limited and information may need to be gone over a couple of times to fully understand it. Have recommended to a friend.

Mandi Williams
Boulder WA 6432

MYOB Training Course Belmont


Belmont WA 6104

MYOB Training Course Hilton

As far as I am concerned no improvements are necessary. The best part is that you can do it on your own time and pace.

Juliana van Wyk
Hilton WA 6163

MYOB Training Course Karawara

Worked well for me. Being able to go ahead at my own pace

shannon renzullo
Karawara WA 6152

MYOB Training Course Atwell

Overall it was ok and I was able to finish the whole course in just a couple of week.

YoonOck Lee
Atwell WA 6164

MYOB Training Course St James

I am happy as I could completely the course at my own pace. It was easy n simple to understand. As a mother I felt the course was very time efficient. Looking forward to putting my knowledge into action.

Kimberline Francis
St James WA 6102

MYOB Training Course Byford

I like the workbooks – gives me the chance to quickly look up things again

Nadine Scharlach
Byford WA 6122

MYOB Training Course Bakers Hill

the enrolment process was quick and easy

Shantelle Cook
Bakers Hill WA 6562

MYOB Training Course Port Kennedy

the work books and videos were very easy to follow.

Narumol Rees
Port Kennedy WA 6172

MYOB Training Course Boulder

workbooks [were the best part of the course]

Hestine Du Preez
Boulder WA 6430

MYOB Training Course Australind

I enjoyed all aspects of the course. The workbooks [was my favourite]

Naomi Wilson
Australind Wa 6233

MYOB Training Course Nedlands

day to day transaction course was well set up

Susan Murrey
Nedlands WA 6009

MYOB Training Course Coogee

I found this easy to navigate and easy to understand The video’s [were my favourite] and also having the ability to print out the courses

Brooke Sinclair
Coogee Western Australia 6166

MYOB Training Course Alfred Cove

that I could do it online in my own time.

Anna Costello
Alfred Cove WA 6154

MYOB Training Courses Brookdale

i liked the format of the course, i enjoyed the workbooks the most

Kirstine Fisher
Brookdale Western Australia 6112

MYOB Training Courses Balcatta

The Lifetime resources available to us, and the workbooks makes it easier to understand how to use MYOB.

Anthony Longo
Balcatta Western Australia 6021

MYOB Training Courses Wangara

Change Nothing, i thought this course was great! It was quick and efficient and has given me a much better understanding of MYOB. The videos were very helpful and easy to follow.

Megan Bushney
Wangara WA 6065

MYOB Training Courses Armadale

Self passed

Natasha Keep
Armadale WA 6112

MYOB Training Courses Karratha

It was really good The videos were very helpful

Christina Stone
Karratha W.A 6714

MYOB Training Courses Kingsley

work at own pace

Don Wood
Kingsley WA 6725

MYOB Training Courses Silver Sands

I found it to be very good with no reasons to change anything. The opportunity to work at your own pace so that you can go over videos and content several times until you understand it. It’s also good that all these videos and workbooks are available to you all the time from now on.

Michelle Brown
Silver Sands WA 6210

MYOB Training Courses Bedford

Before I did not realise of online learning course.Now,I am learnig with ezyonline learning course,I get enjoying,improving and saving of my times.So I happy with ezylearning.Thanks

Tin Zar Pastina
Beford WA 6052