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Equity and Debt (borrowing) to Invest in Real Estate

Unlock Equity in your Sydney or Melbourne Property to invest in Newcastle NSWWith massive growth in residential real estate in Australia in the last several decades the only way for many people to enter the property market is to get a mortgage and borrow the money from a bank or other lending company. You could decide to wait until prices come down but often that has proven to be a bad strategy. In this series of educational guides we explore and educate how deposits, equity and debt combine together to enable every working Australian to buy property to live in and as an investment.

Releasing Equity in Your Own Home to Buy Property

If you already own property, particularly if you live in a major capital like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, you are already earning money by owning an appreciating asset as the value of your property increases. Many people think that the only way to “get” that increased “equity” is to sell up and cashout, but that is not the case. You could release the equity to use as a deposit to purchase an investment property.

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