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Business Manager / Owner

EzyLearn FREE Student Inclusions beginners Excel, Word, MYOB, Xero, WordPress Online CoursesAs a business manager or the owner you are responsible for many aspects of the business – we take our hat off to you. Small business can be challenging and the rewards which can come from it give you a lot of flexibility.

These FREE Student inclusions are designed to broaden your knowledge about how to perform better in the various parts of your business.


Selling Academy Sales Training Course

Sales training is vital for the survival of most small businesses because sales = income. Some business owners dislike the word sales because they think it means you need to be pushy but sales and customer service are linked. Sales is the process of seeing what a customer needs and then making an offer to that person to provide services. Customer service is about ensuring that the customer is kept up-to-date about how the products and services are delivered.


Microsoft Online Forms Training Course

Microsoft Forms Online Training Course - Official logo wide - EzyLearn Microsoft Office and Excel Training CoursesOnline forms provide an incredibly valuable way to systemise your business and centralise your data. Online forms can be embedded onto a website or social media profile or emailed to anyone via an email link.

Microsoft Forms is a quick and easy say to get some online forms set up for your business.


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COMBINATION Course Packages

EzyLearn Online Training Micro Courses and Stackable Credentials - Excel, Xero, MYOB, Office & Digital MarketingEzyLearn courses come in a range of sizes to suit every students requirements and budget.

Our courses are separated into Micro Courses and Micro Credentials, Bundles, Complete package and Combination packages.

These FREE Student Inclusions are available to students who enrol into a COMBINATION training course package.


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