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CloudPBX Business Admin Course Case Study

CloudPBX Hosted PBX VoIP Telephone SystemsThis Business Administration Course Case Study applies to most professional services industries, including

  • builders and tradespeople
  • home improvement suppliers and installers
  • flooring specialists
  • plumbers and electricians
  • real estate agents or salespeople.
  • pool cleaners
  • gardeners and lawn mowing services
  • cleaning businesses
  • contractors

These businesses sell a combination of

  • stock items,
  • stock items that are ordered for clients, and
  • services (time).

We use the example of a VoIP telephone system provider and installer.

This particular Online Phone System provider engages in the following daily transactions:

  • Buys stock of popular products and keeps them in stock (inventory),
  • Orders products that their clients order from them.
  • Has a list of suppliers who give them credit (creditors)
  • Provide regular servicing work
  • Keeps track of which products are most popular and provide the best profit and also which ones take a long time to sell
  • Buys products from large suppliers who provide payment terms and also deliver the inventory items in an adhoc basis based on the stock they have on their own shelves
  • Visits prospective prospects to understand what they need and use the software to provide quotations which are converted to orders and invoices if they get the sale
  • Keep track of the time of their employees use to provide services to their clients.
  • Give their own clients payment terms, receives part payments, deposits etc
  • Run Accounts Receivable Reports to see how much money is owing
  • And much more!

This case study also relates to businesses which sell mainly products.

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