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Facebook Advertising and Facebook Pixel Course

Facebook Advertising can Reach Every Resident in Your Target Suburb 8 Times per Week

Facebook Ad Views for individual property advertisement - Clarence TownThe targeting and visual power of Facebook Advertising enables you to advertise your services to a very clearly defined demographic and location audience. It’s ideal for real estate agents, cafe owners and providers of professional and trade services because it can get your image, logo, photograph etc in front of local residents and property owners many many times. Our course will show you how to:

  1. Setup a Campaign
  2. Work with Ad Sets and
  3. Create Facebook Advertisements

Adsets and carousel ads enable you to perform a kind of split testing system so you can see which ads, which images and which words are working and focus on promoting them.

Facebook Advertising enables your ad to be seen by the same audience again and again to reinforce your brand and your ad analytics will show you how many times each person has seen your ad!


Facebook Analytics

Once your advertisement is running you’ll learn about the powerful analytics information that helps you determine if you are getting the desired response or conversion rates you’re looking for so you can make quick and effective changes if you need to.

If your Facebook advertising is performing well you can double your budget to scale the number of enquiries almost instantly, while the analytics also enables you to reduce your budget temporarily while you make modifications to your campaigns.


Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel is a tool that is used for Retargeting, Remarketing and Remessaging or basically getting in front of people who’ve visited your Facebook Page or website in the past. We’ll show you how to create and implement a Facebook Pixel as well as create a custom audience to remarket to.


Remarketing and Retargeting

Someone visits your Facebook Page or Website for a reason and only 3% of the time are they ready to make a decision while they’re on your site so re-marketing enables you to stay front of mind for people who are interested in what you have to offer. If they end up going to a couple competitors website but constantly see your face, photograph or logo you’ll become more familiar to them and it may mean the difference between making a sale or losing one.

Our Facebook Advertising Course is included in the Digital & Social Media Marketing Course for one low, all-inclusive price.



Marketing Courses Available Separately

Marketing Academy Training Courses in Facebook, WordPress, Google and Social Media & CPD for real estate agentsDo you only want to do one of the marketing courses we offer and not all of them combined for a cheaper price? Visit our Marketing Academy and enrol only into the courses you need. The Marketing Academy Short Course Enrolment option provides you with targeted learning for a low cost and can also be used to earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points if you are a real estate agent, bookkeeper or accountant.

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