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Share Your Story in a Video Interview for Payment

If you’ve completed an EzyLearn course then we want to know all about it.  As part of our new initiative, EzyLearn is looking to interview past students about their experiences with their course and how the skills they learnt have been applied in their work life. If this sounds like you, then here are some things you can think about before we have our chat:

  • How have you applied your new skills in your work life? Have there been any big challenges or have tasks become much easier because of your new skills?
  • How has your EzyLearn course helped you advance in your career?  How has it helped you get a job, promotion, or your own bookkeeping clients?


Are you ready now

If you’ve already been in contact with our support team and you are read to schedule your video interview, use the booking form to schedule a time:

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What has changed

Not every experience is great, and we want to know how you’ve handled them since completing an EzyLearn course. It all comes down to one big question: what have you learnt recently whilst performing bookkeeping tasks?

  • Have you found that you’ve been learning more technical knowledge about tax, accounting, and procedures?
  • Have you been learning new things about apps, technology, and new procedures?

Or have you had negative experiences, where a business has been reluctant to implement new technology because of its expense.  Credit management apps like Chaser HQ have stepped in to streamline much of the credit management and invoice chasing process, yet some businesses are hesitant to sign on since they carry a subscription fee.

Have you found this sort of thing to be an issue, perhaps even increasing the workload of accounting staff?

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EzyLearn Graduates

These students have shared their stories so please make contact if you’re interested in seeing them.