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Extend Your Online Course Access

EzyLearn-Online-Courses-Refresher-and-Repeats-for-MYOB-Xero-Microsoft-Office-and-Excel-The-Career-Academy-for-EzyLearn-membersThe Course Refresher Access membership is part of the Career Academy of EzyLearn and is designed to give students the best value online learning experience possible. The Career Academy services are designed to help you gain confidence and give you an advantage when you are:

  • looking for work
  • changing careers, or
  • performing your work as an employee.

These services also help business owners maintain their knowledge and become more productive in their workplace.

Rather than enrol into your courses again and pay the extra courses fees you can now achieve this same results using an EzyLearn Course Refresher Access Membership – no matter how many courses you’ve enrolled into.

Bookkeeping cpd professional development training and webinarsWhen you enrol into a Bookkeeping Academy or Microsoft Office Academy Training Course package the Course Refresher membership gives you ongoing course access and support for EVERY course in those packages!

EzyLearn online short courses can be completed within 2-3 weeks but many students use our online courses as a resource after their course is completed.

With the EzyLearn Career Course Access Membership you get continued access to every single course you’ve enrolled into since 2013 for one annual fee!

Becoming a member is the cheapest way of extending your course access a further 12 months.


Updates and Additions

updated xero excel myob quickbooks training course materialsOnline Software programs and apps change all the time now that it is created in a dynamic and fast changing development environment. We maintain our training course resources regularly to keep them current – you get access to those changes and updates.

Xero, MYOB & Quickbooks Online are accounting programs in the cloud and because they are now based on a subscription model these changes occur constantly and your software is now updated regularly, often whether you want to update or not.

Learn more about EzyLearn’s Updates and Additions Policy.


Get Ongoing Student Support

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Course Refresher Access Membership gives you ongoing online course access as well as ongoing knowledge support of the training materials and new content we create as part of each package you’ve enrolled into.

As a member you receive ongoing support from our team on all the course content you’ve already enrolled into as long as you are a member and you can cancel when you no longer need it.

Learn more about how Ezylearn courses work and how your learning is supported


Ask questions on topics that are NOT included in the courses

EzyLearn Answers for student support in online training courses in MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks online, Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint and WordPressEzyLearn ANSWERS is a program we launched to help guide our training development based on the needs of our students. Student members use Ezylearn training courses for lots of different reasons, including:

  • employees to upskill and fill out gaps in their knowledge for their current jobs,
  • job seekers to increase their confidence to apply for and get jobs,
  • corporate managers to ensure their staff are using productive features of the software
  • business owners who want their staff to have a solid understanding of how to use their business software

Our courses are designed based on real world scenarios and the questions we receive via EzyLearn ANSWERS helps us constantly improve.

Learn more about EzyLearn ANSWERS

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